HON Dossier on Ageing

About the author: Ewa Mariethoz for HON

Name: Ewa Mariethoz
Date of Birth: 28.09.1962
Living: Geneva, Switzerland
Occupation: Researche worker at Centre d'Ecologie Humaine,
University of Geneva
Education: PhD in Biochemistry
email: Ewa.Mariethoz@hon.ch
Interests: Environmental impact on human health, ageing
Personality: Stress-resistant
Children: 2

Why did you write the HON ageing dossier?

Carried out by an interdisciplinary group made up of doctors and engineers, this projectís objective is to make the process of aging understood by a wide audience so as to identify the problems connected to the aging of the population for the upcoming century. The project is part of a global deliberation initiated by different international organisations in regard to the position of older people in society. This document has been written for the HON Foundation with its technical support.

Who is the document aimed at?

The main aim of the HON Ageing Dossier document I produce is to provide a bridge between the simplified information generally available and the more complex information found in medical journals etc. The intended audience being patients (and the layman interested in ageing). For medical professionals such as general practitioners, nurses who wish to be more informed about ageing a document in french has been written detailing the ageing mechanism.

Why do you do it?
In order to reform the social institutions that are intended to respond to growing needs of the ageing population to assure the intergeneration equity, and gap the bridge between younger and older generations, we must be aware what is aging process and how it is possible minimize the impact of the aging population upon society.

Where did you get your medical knowledge?

I have prepared a PhD in Biochemistry at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva (Switzerland) in the Department of Allergy /Immunology and Nuclear Medicine (Environmental and Health Program) (with dr Barbara Polla). My research concerned the role of Heat Choc Proteins (HSP) in the cell protection against free oxygen species attacks. After 2 year of research on male infertility, I am actually working on the impact of the aging population upon global sustainable development (with dr Marika.Bakonyi Moeschler).

What's next?

I am actually preparing a new dossier for HON. This dossier treat about the impact of the healthy nutrition on human health

Can I print it and distribute it?

The HON Ageing Dossier is HON copyrighted and can be freely distributed to: individuals; charitable organisations; educational; support groups etc, but not for commercial purpose. Provided no profit (direct, indirect or potential) is involved. Individual sections of the HON Ageing Dossier can also quoted freely by any individual or organisation if there is no profit (direct, indirect or potential) involved, provided the source (and where applicable, any additional credit) is quoted. If the document will be distributed where profit (direct, indirect or potential) is involved please contact the HON Foundation for approval. However when the document (or portions of) is reproduced (excepting mailings to other individuals or posting to public news groups/listservs) or distributed the owner therefore HON Foundation must be notified. The owner of the document reserves the right to withdraw the right to redistribute any or all sections of the document and any individual contributors reserve the right to withdraw consent regarding their own contributions.


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