European Medical Association on Smoking or Health - EMASH

Association Médicale Européenne Tabac ou Santé - AMETOS


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International contacts and the EMASH Collaborating Centres:

EMASH also maintains contacts with individual experts as well as with international and national health bodies which are active in smoking cessation, prevention and control, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IUATLD), the International Union Against Cancer (UICC), the International World Heart Federation, the International Non-governmental Coalition Against Tobacco (INGCAT), the European Network for the Prevention of Smoking (ENPS), the International Hospital Federation (IHF) and the International Network Towards Smoke-free Hospitals (INTSH). Of specific value are the two EMASH Scientific Collaborating Centres: the EMASH/Portugal section at the Medical School, Coimbra, Portugal, and the Institute of Social Medicine, University of Vienna and its subsidiary, the Vienna Nicotine Institute. Their objectives include: a) promotion of non-smoking policies in hospitals and other health centres and b) research in diagnosis and treatment of tobacco dependence.

Besides being present in numerous congresses, EMASH has held so far eight international seminars:

  1. Health Professionals and Smokers, Royaumont Abbey (Paris), 21-23 November 1990;
  2. Smoking and Health, Zandvoort (Amsterdam), 22-24 November 1991;
  3. Economic Issues of Smoking and Smoking Cessation, Bari (Italy), 22-24 October 1992;
  4. The Role of Health Professional Organisations in Anti-smoking Activities, Sitges (Barcelona), 18-20 November 1993;
  5. Guidelines on smoking cessation for general practitioners and other health professionals, Helsingborg (Sweden), 29 Aug.-1 Sept. 1996;
  6. Social and economic aspects of reduction of tobacco smoking by use of alternative nicotine delivery system (in collaboration with the UN and the ICAA), United Nations, Geneva, 22-24 September 1997;
  7. Consensus seminar on the role of physicians in smoking cessation, risk reduction, and nicotine replacement therapy: the WHY, the WHAT, the HOW. Athens, 5-7 March 1998;
  8. Smoking and smoking cessation – IUATLD Congress, Budapest, 12 April 2000.
  9. Since 2001, the yearly EMASH/Portugal seminar on Smoking or Health.

EMASH has also received grants from the EU to carry out international projects: 1) the production of Guidelines on Smoking Cessation for Health Professionals and, 2) Health Professions in Public Education against Smoking.