European Medical Association on Smoking or Health - EMASH

Association Médicale Européenne Tabac ou Santé - AMETOS

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The aims of EMASH include:

  • no-smoking among health professionals;
  • no-smoking policies in health associations, hospitals and health centres;
  • involvement of health professionals in counselling smokers wishing to quit the addiction;
  • pre- and post-graduate education of medical students and physicians in smoking control and cessation.

To attain these aims, EMASH:

  • first and foremost, promotes the concept that health professionals, especially the doctors, should not smoke as a matter of professional ethics and because they play a most important exemplary role vis-à-vis populations and governments;
  • encourages health professionals to become involved in primary and secondary prevention of smoking among their patients and the public at large, especially among the young;
  • encourages health professionals to stimulate national action, including legislation, for the prevention and control of tobacco use;
  • promotes dialogue with hospital and health care administrators to make these institutions smoke-free;
  • stimulates professional health associations to introduce no-smoking policies among their members, and to make their congresses and other meetings smoke-free;
  • encourages research and publications on smoking cessation and on smoking among health professionals and medical students, including monitoring of their smoking trends;
  • advocates the introduction of aspects of smoking prevention and treatment into medical school curricula and into routine medical practice;
  • organises seminars on smoking cessation and nicotine addiction and participates in relevant medical congresses;
  • more important from a pragmatic standpoint, EMASH emphasises the need for health professionals to assist smokers quit the tobacco addiction through individual counselling and the use of modern pharmacological aids as advisable.
  • Last but certainly not least, EMASH fully supports the WHO FCTC.