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HON Survey: Results - (October/November 1999)

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 I have found useful medical/health information on the Internet.  I have found useful medical/health information in my primary language.
 I have found the medical/health information I was looking for  Doctors in my country are actively using the Internet.
 Nurses in my country are actively using the Internet.  The quality of medical/health information on the Internet needs to improve.
 I believe that patient anonymity on the Internet is threatened  Are you consulting or receiving medical/health information via ...
 Mostly, I search for ...  In the last 6 months have you sought medical/health in formation for any of the following people ?
 How long have you been on the Internet ?  What is the primary place you access the Internet from ?
 What is your primary occupation ?  I am a medical professional
 My profession is non-medical  What is your age ?
 What is your sex ?  Where do you live (continent)?
 Where do you live (country) ?  What type of sites do you go to first ?
 I use the Web to search for information on drugs  I discuss the drug info I find with my care provider(s)
 I buy drugs via on-line pharmacy services  I am interested in a more detailed HON survey on pharmaceuticals and the Internet
 Patients only: I have discussed the results of my Internet searches for medical/health information with my care provider(s)  Patients only: I have used on-line medical consultation services offered by Web sites
 Patients only: I engage in e-mail correspondence with my own healthcare provider(s)  Patients only: I use the Internet to seek second opinions on medical diagnoses
 Healthcare providers only: I have engaged in e-mail correspondence with my patients

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