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Health On the Net celebrates its 20th anniversary
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> May 2012  


> In this issue...
Give Your Feedback on Rules Used on Forums, Blogs, etc.

The Health On the Net Foundation introduced its original Web 2.0 guidelines in 2008. At present, HON is in the process of updating both the HONcode Web 2.0 principles and guidelines. We would therefore like to ask you to fill in this follow-up questionnaire, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes. The questionnaire is online until May 31st, 2012.
>> Health On the Net - WEB 2.0 SURVEY

In addition, we are interested in finding out what the users think of Web 2.0 guidelines. Feel free to promote this survey on your website, a ready-to-use banner can be downloaded from the HON website.

To thank the webmasters participating in this survey, the Health On the Net Foundation is happy to present free passes to the World Health Care Congress Europe 2012 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Three free passes will be raffled between HONcode Certified webmasters who have participated in the survey before Sunday, the 13th of May (due to enrolment deadlines set by the WHCC Europe 2012 organizers). Please note that in order to have a chance to win a free pass, you need to provide your email address on the last page of the questionnaire. The winners will be contacted personally.

Conditions: Only the passes (free access) are provided by the Health On the Net Foundation. This means that any other expenses, such as travel expenses etc., have to be borne by the recipients themselves. If the recipient is not able to participate in the congress, HON would very much appreciate to be informed about this immediately in order to redistribute the free pass. No other price will be given in return.

Online Health Information - Raising Public Awareness

All around the world, millions upon millions of people are looking for health information on the Internet. This constantly growing trend keeps on producing websites with content related to health, which can create difficulties for the person searching for reliable information: what information can be trusted - and what not?

During 2012, HON will be launching campaigns to make people more aware of the HONcode as well as how to search and access HONcode Certified websites.

But we can't do this alone - we need YOUR HELP! We would like ask all HONcode Certified websites to participate in these HON campaigns aiming to raise public awareness on the importance of trustworthy and transparent online health information. In order to find the best ways to do this, we kindly ask you to answer this short questionnaire, which will be online until May 31st, 2012.

Survey Results - Before/After Pictures

The Health On the Net Foundation has published the preliminary results of its survey regarding before/after pictures (conducted in 2011). According to these results, almost half of the 1,365 respondents consider before/after pictures to be suspicious (45.3%). This said, most felt that this should not prevent the publication of the pictures.

Hence, HON is currently in the process of developing a guideline regarding the publication of before/after pictures, taking also into account the valuable feedback given by the respondents of the survey.

>> The preliminary results in more detail
>> HON's current policy regarding before/after pictures

Upcoming Conferences

Doctors 2.0 & You
Join the Health On the Net Foundation at Doctors 2.0 & You, the international annual conference in Paris from the 23rd to 24th of May. Doctors 2.0 & You is dedicated to exploring the role of digital world in the relationships between patients, health professionals, public health institutions and industry, insurers, etc. Founded by Denise Silber and organized by Basil Strategies, the event will feature over 70 expert speakers, exhibitors, posters and contests from all around the world.
The Foundation’s executive director, Célia Boyer, will take part in a panel discussion (in French) about hospitals and the use of social media on Wednesday, the 23rd of May.
Read more
>> Doctors 2.0 & You is happy to announce a partnership with HON and to offer you the chance to save 25% on participation fees! You can find more information about the discount here.
>> Doctors 2.0 & You est heureux d’annoncer son partenariat avec HON et de vous offrir 25% de remise! Retrouvez plus d'information ici.

World Health Care Congress Europe
From the 23rd to 24th of May, the Health On the Net Foundation will be participating in the 8th Annual World Health Care Congress Europe 2012 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
>> Sign up now - HON members get a 25% discount on participation fees! Call the customer service at 001 781 939 2500. You can find more information about the discount here.

Medicine 2.0'12
From the 15th to 16th of September, HON will participate in the Medicine 2.0’12 Congress in Boston, USA. Medicine 2.0'12 is the 5th World Congress on Social Media, Mobile Apps, and Internet / Web 2.0 in Medicine and Public Health.
Read more

Add Your Conference to the HON Database
You can easily add your conference to our world-wide database of health and medical events by filling in this form on our website:
>> Add a Conference.

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