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> March 2009  


> In this issue...
HON new website

HON has launched a new and improved website with more information regarding the certification process. It enables you to easily access all necessary information through its audience targeting feature for Patients/Individuals; Health Professionals and Web Publishers.
Please feel free to visit the site and let us know your opinion:

Questionnaire on Web2.0

The Internet is a dynamic and ever changing tool, with almost daily additions to its functionality, offering an increasing array of tools.

One such tool is the Web 2.0 which has caught on very rapidly and is now a feature of most health websites, providing users with the ability to interact with each other.

More that 10% of the HONcode certified websites have a section or are a community platform (Web 2.0).
To cater to the growing number of such websites we have introduced an improved version of the application guidelines of the HONcode. This is a result of many suggestions that we received from our webmasters of such website. It is because of their valuable suggestions that we were able to develop the beta version for the Web 2.0.
We require your opinion and comments to help consolidate the new version of the application guidelines and thus, we request you to take a few minutes to fill our questionnaire which will help us in the improvement of the HONcode certification.
We will inform you in a later newsletter the results of this survey which will also be published on our website.

HON supported conferences

The 6th Annual World Health Care Congress

April 14-16, 2009 in Washington DC, USA

The 2009 conference will convene over 2,000 CEOs, senior executives and government officials from the nation's largest employers, hospitals, health systems, health plans, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and leading government agencies.

As one of its features, the 6th Annual World Health Care Congress will offer a roster of foreign speakers for a two-day International Health Summit, with topics including:

  • Game changing innovations in developing countries that improve the cost and quality of care
  • Global health's major killers and new medical research efforts
  • Advancing the EMR - UK's lessons learned to improve physician compliance and quality
  • International partnerships for health care delivery innovation
  • Lessons learned from global hospital and health system shared experiences and best practices
  • Responses to world public health challenges

HON members from Hospital/Government/NGO/Academic organisations will save $500. Use promo code GTT738 .
More information:

The 5th Annual World Health Care congress - Europe 2009

May 13-14, 2009 in Brussels, Belgium

Acknowledged as the leading European forum on health care innovation, The 5th Annual World Health Care Congress Europe presents business cases, best practices and strategies for addressing the pressure and current challenges facing European health care - efficiency, economic stability, access to care, quality care, patient safety, and patient mobility within and across borders.

In-depth case studies address the following themes:

  • Performance Management - Improving quality, efficiency and outcomes
  • Innovations in Health Care Technology - Developing people-centred eHealth initiatives
  • Chronic Disease Management - New models of chronic disease delivery
  • Health Care Financing - Investigating sustainable health care financing

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More information:

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