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> September 2006  


> In this issue...
The HONcode application form and the HON web site is now available in Spanish

HON (Health on the Net Foundation), the preeminent authorizing body for the responsible use of health information on the World Wide Web, has translated much of its web page into Spanish.

“Accessibility in a multicultural world is a priority for us” says Celia Boyer, Executive Director of HON. “and by translating our web-site into Spanish, we make our services accessible to more than 400 million people who speak Spanish as a first language”.

The translation work was carried out by the “El Sol” Spanish Language School, in located in Lima, Peru. “HON offers a wonderful and needed service” according to Alan La Rue, Managing Director at the school, “ and we were pleased to be able to promote the use of Spanish in this way”.

Content on HON´s multicultural site is now primarily presented in English, French, and now Spanish, but visitors will find key areas translated into 31 languages.

HON Foundation is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

HON Participating in conferences

  • 10 –13 October 2006, Geneva, Switzerland

    World of Health IT Conference & Exhibition
    HON at the Nursing Informatics Symposium:
    Medication Management: Providing the highest quality of care and safety
    Speaker: Celia Boyer, Executive Director, Health on the Net Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland.

    Special pre-registration rates at:

  • Past conference
    August 30, 2006 to September 3, 2006, Geneva, Switzerland.

    The Geneva Forum "Towards Global Access to Health", under the flags of equity, training and partnership, has provided a unique opportunity for all participants from 90 countries to present and explore innovative partnerships and programmes facilitating access to health.

    HON participated actively in the conference
    Can we Trust Medical Information Online?

HON en español

HON (Fundación Health on the Net), la principal autoridad a favor de un uso responsable de la información sobre la salud en la Web mundial, ha traducido la mayor parte de esta página Web al español.

“La accesibilidad en un mundo multicultural es una prioridad para nosotros y traduciendo nuestro sitio Web al español, hacemos que nuestros servicios sean accesibles a más de 400 millones de personas que hablan el español como lengua materna” afirma Celia Boyer, Directora Ejecutiva de HON.

El trabajo de traducción fue realizado por “El Sol” Escuela de Español, en Lima, Perú. “HON ofrece un servicio maravilloso y necesario, y nos dio mucho gusto promover el uso del español de esta forma” sostuvo Alan La Rue, Director Administrativo en la escuela.

La fundación HON es una ONG con estatus consultivo especial del Consejo Económico y Social de las Naciones Unidas.

En la actualidad el contenido del sitio multicultural de HON es presentado principalmente en inglés, francés, y ahora en español, pero los visitantes encontrarán áreas claves traducidas a más de 31 lenguas.

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