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Contact Person:
Name: BOYER, Celia
Tel: +41-22-3726273
Fax: +41-22-3728885

Health on The Net Foundation
81 Boulevard de la Cluse
1205 Geneva

The WRAPIN proposal will extend the evaluation of HON services to the users with additional tools. This evaluation will be done for the services as they already exist by now to the stage of the new extensions that we have considered: more databases accessible with their information content being indexed by MARVIN and the new facility to promote automatic editorial policy. This part of the process will be based upon an extensive use of Medline and PUBMED as well as national registries about medical trials.

The main objectives of WRAPIN are the following:
- Set-up of a semi-automatic editorial policy service, which is an extension of the current Health on the Net Foundation services using the HON Code;
- Expansion of HON select services to better help query formulation over the Web;
- Interconnection and access to additional scattered databases using in particular Natural language processing tools;
- Integration of the tools developed in the SYNEX EU Project for managing the access to distributed and scattered databases as well as for implementing restricted areas using a Public Key Infrastructure;
- Integration of user profiles to e-mail services to individuals and citizens in order to provide more tailored services and information to HON customers.

Work description:
The Health On the Net Foundation (HON) is an international non-governmental organisation established in Geneva since 1996 with purpose of providing on-line reliable, trustworthy advice to patients and individuals initially based only upon the HON code services.

Regular online use of evaluation questionnaire regarding quality and accuracy of services has been collected since HON's creation. Thanks to HON's growth activities new trends have been identified that all converge towards the need for online automatic editorial policy coping jointly with the growth of medical health information on the Web.

The conceptual design and the implementation stage are described in the proposal and in appendixes. Indeed the growth of medical information of any kind has become so tremendously huge that the assumption of feasibility based upon "reading committees" has been rejected by the professional librarians as being unrealistic. At the opposite extreme one realistic approach is being demonstrated to go through the use of software robots evolved from MARVIN/MEDHUNT or similar.

In addition, it is highlighted that the Web growth itself is not exclusively dependent upon the MEDLINE growth documentary information in NLM but also upon the increasing number of specialised databases from all over the world and that they are potentially, if not presently, accessible from the Web, either from medical professional associations or even from national registries.

An inventory of the main databases of medical/health interest is part of the proposal. Standardised procedures about connectivity with HON and remote databases will be explored, implemented and tested. A corresponding database directory will be set-up.

In addition to the present time evaluation of HON platform, the so called "semi-automatic editorial policy" and the remote databases connectivity has been realised and is avalaible into full production world-wide.

1. Evaluation of present stage plus elaboration of new specifications.
2. Start of development according to specification.
3. Pre-production with tests.
4. Full worldwide production and evaluation of the WRAPIN Prototype from different type of users.

Project details
Project Reference: IST-2001-33260 Contract Type: Preparatory, accompanying and support measures
Start Date: 2001-09-01 End Date: 2003-10-31
Duration: 27 months Project Status: Successful Completion - Public Scientific Report

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