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News for Health Care Economics and Organizations

Could Nonprofit Drug Companies Cut Sky-High Prices? (05/17/2018, HealthDay)
Fewer Money Worries Can Pay Off in Better Health (05/15/2018, HealthDay)
Generic Drugs Don't Always Push Prices Down (05/07/2018, HealthDay)
Kids' Exposure to Domestic Violence Takes Economic Toll (05/07/2018, HealthDay)
End-of-Life Care Saves Money (04/30/2018, HealthDay)
Heart Disease Carries Huge Cost for Some Families (04/06/2018, HealthDay)
When 'Nest Egg' Vanishes, Death Risk Rises (04/03/2018, HealthDay)
Poll: Americans Fear Crippling Medical Bills More Than Illness (03/29/2018, HealthDay)
A Light Breakfast Might Cut Cost of Pricey Prostate Cancer Drug (03/28/2018, HealthDay)
Millions Get Wrong Treatment for Back Pain: Study (03/21/2018, HealthDay)
The High Costs of Alzheimer's (03/20/2018, HealthDay)
Cutting Co-Pays Helps Heart Patients Take Their Meds (03/14/2018, HealthDay)
Why Does America Spend More on Health Care? (03/13/2018, HealthDay)
Presidential Panel Says High-Priced Cancer Drugs Harm Patient Care (03/13/2018, HealthDay)
Money Underpins Drop in Kidney Donations Among Men and the Poor (03/08/2018, HealthDay)
Falls Among Elderly Cost $50 Billion Annually (03/08/2018, HealthDay)
U.S. Gun Injuries Getting More Severe (03/02/2018, HealthDay)
Obesity to Blame for Jump in Health Care Costs (03/01/2018, HealthDay)
More Americans Pushed Into High-Deductible Health Plans (02/22/2018, HealthDay)
Aspirin as Good a Clot Buster as Pricey Drugs After Joint Replacement (02/21/2018, HealthDay)
Obamacare Helped More Young Women Get Prenatal Care: Study (02/14/2018, HealthDay)
Vaccines Can Stem Poverty, Not Just Disease, Study Suggests (02/13/2018, HealthDay)
Talk Therapy May Be Worth It for Teen Depression (01/29/2018, HealthDay)
Emergency Services Crews Often Unprepared for Diabetic Crises (01/26/2018, HealthDay)
More Americans Got Surgeries Sooner Under Obamacare (01/24/2018, HealthDay)
Are Stroke Patients Skipping Rehab? (01/24/2018, HealthDay)
Spending More on Health Care? Here's Why (01/23/2018, HealthDay)
Dirty Water Taking Toll on Americans' Health, Wallets (01/23/2018, HealthDay)
Obamacare Helping Poor Families the Most (01/22/2018, HealthDay)
Asthma in America Carries $82 Billion Price Tag (01/12/2018, HealthDay)
Fewer Hospitals Closed After Obamacare Expanded Medicaid (01/12/2018, HealthDay)
For Poorer Americans, Stress Brings Worse Health (01/08/2018, HealthDay)
High Costs Keep Many Cancer Patients From Needed Drugs (12/21/2017, HealthDay)
Good News, Guys: Viagra Prices Start to Tumble Today (12/11/2017, HealthDay)
Checking Prices for Medical Procedures Online? Good Luck (12/05/2017, HealthDay)
Will CVS-Aetna Merger Mean Cheaper Health Care? (12/04/2017, HealthDay)
Motorcycle Crashes Far More Deadly Than Car Crashes (11/20/2017, HealthDay)
Hospital Midwives, Lower C-Section Rates? (11/16/2017, HealthDay)
U.S. Seniors Struggle More to Pay for Health Care Compared to Other Countries (11/15/2017, HealthDay)
Pricey ER Tests for Chest Pain Often Unnecessary (11/15/2017, HealthDay)
Uninsured Heart Patients Often Face Daunting Bills (11/13/2017, HealthDay)
Obesity to Blame for Epidemic of Knee Dislocations, Complications (11/10/2017, HealthDay)
Higher Prices Are Driving Rise in Health Care Spending (11/07/2017, HealthDay)
About Half of Americans Get Health Care in ER (11/03/2017, HealthDay)
Are Artery-Opening Stents for Chest Pain a Waste of Time? (11/02/2017, HealthDay)
Do Rising Cancer Drug Prices Warrant Regulation? (11/01/2017, HealthDay)
Not 'Dead' Yet: Obamacare 2018 Sign-up Begins Nov. 1 (10/30/2017, HealthDay)
Many Cancer Patients Skimp on Treatment Due to Cost (10/24/2017, HealthDay)
Bipartisan Deal Could Give Temporary Protection to Obamacare (10/17/2017, HealthDay)
Trump Says He'll Cut Federal Subsidies for Obamacare (10/13/2017, HealthDay)
Need Cancer Screening? Where You Work Matters (10/13/2017, HealthDay)
Around the World, Too Little Relief for Pain (10/13/2017, HealthDay)
Trump Signs Executive Order That Could Undermine Obamacare (10/12/2017, HealthDay)
Today's Middle-Age Americans in Worse Health Than Prior Generations (10/06/2017, HealthDay)
Does a Drug's High Price Tag Cause Its Own Side Effects? (10/05/2017, HealthDay)
One Type of Dementia Is Especially Costly (10/05/2017, HealthDay)
The Unexpected Faces of the Uninsured (10/04/2017, HealthDay)
Same Pregnancy Meds Can Cost $200 -- or $11,000 (10/03/2017, HealthDay)
Apologies Go a Long Way When Medical Errors Occur (10/03/2017, HealthDay)
U.S. Gun Injuries Nearing $3 Billion in ER, Hospital Costs (10/02/2017, HealthDay)
U.S. Pays a Hefty Price for Obesity (09/26/2017, HealthDay)
Food Stamp Benefits May Lower Health Care Costs (09/25/2017, HealthDay)
McCain Says No to Latest Effort to Replace Obamacare (09/22/2017, HealthDay)
Premature Births Cost Health Plans Billions (09/21/2017, HealthDay)
Republicans Take Another Run at Obamacare Overhaul (09/14/2017, HealthDay)
U.S. Cancer Death Rate Continues to Fall (09/14/2017, HealthDay)
Cancer Drugs' High Prices Not Justified by Cost of Development, Study Contends (09/12/2017, HealthDay)
Can't Afford the Dentist? You're Not Alone (09/07/2017, HealthDay)
New 'Biologic' Drug May Help Severe Asthma (09/06/2017, HealthDay)
Many Americans Getting Medical Care They Don't Need (09/06/2017, HealthDay)
More Than Half of Americans Will Need Nursing Home Care: Study (08/28/2017, HealthDay)
Supplement May Help Against Vision-Robbing Disease in Seniors (08/23/2017, HealthDay)
'Exoskeletons' May Help Kids With Cerebral Palsy Walk (08/23/2017, HealthDay)
Dementia Care: A Huge Financial Burden for U.S. Families (08/22/2017, HealthDay)
Opioid Overdoses and Deaths Flooding U.S. Hospitals (08/11/2017, HealthDay)
'Smart' Underwear May Help Prevent Back Pain (08/11/2017, HealthDay)
Cancer Takes Financial Toll, Even With Insurance (08/10/2017, HealthDay)
Most People Not Bargain Hunters When It Comes to Health Care (08/07/2017, HealthDay)
Treatment Costs Can Be Another Blow to Cancer Patients (07/27/2017, HealthDay)
What's Ahead for Health Reform in 2018? (07/20/2017, HealthDay)
Doctors' Group Offers Ideas for Easing Cancer Costs (07/19/2017, HealthDay)
Losing Medicaid Tough on People Battling Depression: Study (07/19/2017, HealthDay)
Revised Senate Bill Would Allow Bare-Bones Health Plans (07/13/2017, HealthDay)
Fewer U.S. Dollars Spent on Cardiac Arrest Research: Study (07/12/2017, HealthDay)
Easier Colon Exam Boosts Screening, But Insurers May Not Pay (07/11/2017, HealthDay)
Pregnancy Complication Costs U.S. Billions (07/11/2017, HealthDay)
Most Medicaid Recipients Happy With Their Health Care: Survey (07/10/2017, HealthDay)
A Cheaper Alternative to Hearing Aids? (07/05/2017, HealthDay)
Older Americans Struggling With Drug Costs Don't Ask for Help (06/30/2017, HealthDay)
Michigan's Expanded Medicaid Plan a Boon for Workers (06/27/2017, HealthDay)
Some Republicans Voice Concerns About Senate Replacement for Obamacare (06/23/2017, HealthDay)
Senate Republicans Reveal Their Replacement for Obamacare (06/22/2017, HealthDay)
Many Doctors Silent on Cost of Cancer Care (06/21/2017, HealthDay)
Leading U.S. Doctors' Group Takes Aim at Rising Drug Prices (06/15/2017, HealthDay)
Medical Costs Soar for U.S. Babies Born Addicted to Opioids (06/15/2017, HealthDay)
Leading Medical Groups Mobilize Against Obamacare Repeal (06/13/2017, HealthDay)
Uncertainty for Obamacare Plans as Filing Deadline Approaches (06/13/2017, HealthDay)
4 in 10 Job-Based Health Plans in U.S. Are Now 'High-Deductible' (06/06/2017, HealthDay)
The Cost of Bike Crashes in U.S. Tops $24 Billion a Year (06/02/2017, HealthDay)
Overcharging Common in U.S. Emergency Rooms (06/02/2017, HealthDay)
Zika's Set to Return to Mainland U.S., But Budget Cuts Threaten Response (06/01/2017, HealthDay)
Can Online Treatment Replace Your Therapist? (06/01/2017, HealthDay)
Transgender People Report More Health Problems (05/30/2017, HealthDay)
Costs of ER Treatments a Mystery to Many Docs (05/30/2017, HealthDay)
Alzheimer's Deaths Jump 55 Percent: CDC (05/25/2017, HealthDay)
At Major Teaching Hospitals, Lower Death Rates (05/23/2017, HealthDay)

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