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News for Food and Beverages

Could a Daily Vitamin Curb Smog's Effect on the Heart? (04/14/2017, HealthDay)
Multivitamins May Not Help Men's Hearts, Even When Diet Is Poor (04/07/2017, HealthDay)
High Doses of Vitamin D Fail to Cut Cancer Risk, Study Finds (03/28/2017, HealthDay)
No Evidence Fish Oil in Pregnancy Makes for Brainier Kids (03/21/2017, HealthDay)
Vitamin E, Selenium Supplements Won't Curb Men's Dementia Risk (03/20/2017, HealthDay)
Fish Oil Pills May Help After Heart Attack, Specialists Say (03/13/2017, HealthDay)
Can Supplements Ward Off the 'Baby Blues'? (03/13/2017, HealthDay)
How Much Melatonin Is Really in That Supplement? (03/01/2017, HealthDay)
Some Health Fads May Not Be All That Healthy (02/27/2017, HealthDay)
Vitamin D Pumps Up Muscles (02/16/2017, HealthDay)
Know Your Heart's Numbers (02/07/2017, HealthDay)
'Teen' Finds Minors Can Buy Bodybuilding Supplement at Health Food Stores (01/03/2017, HealthDay)
Fish Oil During Pregnancy May Cut Kids' Asthma Risk (12/29/2016, HealthDay)
Could Low Vitamin D Levels at Birth Mean Higher MS Risk? (12/01/2016, HealthDay)
Omega-3s a Recipe for Healthy Blood Pressure in Young Adults (11/13/2016, HealthDay)
Too Much Iron Linked to Gestational Diabetes (11/10/2016, HealthDay)
Review Says Calcium Supplements Won't Harm the Heart (10/24/2016, HealthDay)
Americans Are Changing Their Supplements of Choice (10/11/2016, HealthDay)
How Older People Can Head Off Dangerous Drug Interactions (09/24/2016, HealthDay)
Heart Birth Defects Dropped After Folic Acid Was Added to Food (08/29/2016, HealthDay)
Season of Conception May Affect Fetal Brain Growth (08/24/2016, HealthDay)
Calcium Supplements Might Raise Older Women's Dementia Risk (08/18/2016, HealthDay)
Diet Supplement May Help Prevent Kidney Stones: Study (08/08/2016, HealthDay)
High Doses of Fish Oil Might Help Healing After Heart Attack (08/01/2016, HealthDay)
Looks-Conscious Teens Trying Risky Supplements (06/27/2016, HealthDay)
Too Much Folic Acid in Pregnancy Tied to Raised Autism Risk in Study (05/11/2016, HealthDay)
Who You Are May Affect Your Diet More Than Where You Shop (04/28/2017, HealthDay)
Energy Drinks May Give the Heart an Unhealthy Jolt (04/26/2017, HealthDay)
Is a Low-Salt Diet Always Healthy? (04/25/2017, HealthDay)
Are You Raising an 'Emotional Eater'? (04/25/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Eat for the Right Reasons (04/25/2017, HealthDay)
Common Food Nutrient Tied to Risky Blood Clotting (04/24/2017, HealthDay)
Love Chocolate? Potato Chips? Your Genes Might Be to Blame (04/23/2017, HealthDay)
Timing of Lunch, Recess May Determine What Kids Eat (04/23/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Pregnant Women Need Omega-3 Fats (04/21/2017, HealthDay)
Thinking of Going Organic? (04/19/2017, HealthDay)
Get to Know the Mediterranean Diet (04/17/2017, HealthDay)
'Better Health' Argument Won't Always Work to Pass Soda Taxes (04/14/2017, HealthDay)
Trans Fat Bans May Have Cut Heart Attack, Stroke Rate (04/12/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Freezing Food (04/07/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Eat Healthy After Radiation Therapy (04/07/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Add Flavor to Fruit and Veggies (04/05/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Buying Eggs (04/03/2017, HealthDay)
Is Your TV Making You Fat? (03/31/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Bake a Healthier Treat (03/31/2017, HealthDay)
The Saltiest Foods May Surprise You (03/30/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Store Cooking Oils Correctly (03/30/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Care for Your Braces (03/30/2017, HealthDay)
Less Salt, Fewer Nighttime Bathroom Trips? (03/26/2017, HealthDay)
Want Cheap and Healthy Meals? Cook at Home (03/24/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Kick Your Sugary Drink Habit (03/24/2017, HealthDay)
Fruit Juice for Kids: A Serving a Day OK (03/23/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Good Habits Prompt Healthier Eating (03/23/2017, HealthDay)
Foods Labeled 'Healthy' May Hide Unhealthy Secrets (03/22/2017, HealthDay)
No Evidence Fish Oil in Pregnancy Makes for Brainier Kids (03/21/2017, HealthDay)
Remote Amazon Tribe May Have Healthiest Hearts on Earth (03/17/2017, HealthDay)
Eating for Two Often Doesn't Translate Into a Healthier Diet (03/17/2017, HealthDay)
Savvy Marketing Gets Schoolkids to Eat Their Greens (03/16/2017, HealthDay)
Intensive Treatment Shows Potential Against Type 2 Diabetes (03/15/2017, HealthDay)
Fish Oil Pills May Help After Heart Attack, Specialists Say (03/13/2017, HealthDay)
Smart Food Pricing Could Bring Healthier Choices (03/10/2017, HealthDay)
Mediterranean Diet May Ease Chronic Pain of Obesity (03/10/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Too Much Sugar May Impact Sleep (03/10/2017, HealthDay)
Downside to Gluten-Free Diets: Diabetes Risk? (03/09/2017, HealthDay)
Bad Diets Tied to 400,000 U.S. Deaths in 2015 (03/09/2017, HealthDay)
Americans With High Blood Pressure Still Eating Too Much Salt (03/08/2017, HealthDay)
More Folic Acid in Pregnancy May Protect Kids From High Blood Pressure (03/08/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Fruit and Veggies May Help Shed Pounds (03/08/2017, HealthDay)
Dining Out Can Doom a Diet (03/07/2017, HealthDay)
Poor Diet Tied to Half of U.S. Deaths From Heart Disease, Diabetes (03/07/2017, HealthDay)
Soy Safe, Even Protective, for Breast Cancer Survivors (03/07/2017, HealthDay)
Could Fruits and Veggies Save Hearts Worldwide? (03/07/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Staying Full on a Vegetarian Diet (03/06/2017, HealthDay)
Can Mom's Vitamin E Head Off Child's Asthma Risk? (03/04/2017, HealthDay)
Do 'Early Birds' Get the Healthier Worm? (03/03/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Some Foods Are Good for Teeth (03/03/2017, HealthDay)
Bad Diet in Youth Might Raise Risk of Early Breast Cancer (03/02/2017, HealthDay)
Older Bones Benefit From Dairy Plus Vitamin D (03/01/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Encouraging Picky Eaters (02/28/2017, HealthDay)
Some Health Fads May Not Be All That Healthy (02/27/2017, HealthDay)
What Works Best to Help Overweight Folks Eat Healthier? (02/27/2017, HealthDay)
10 Daily Servings of Fruits, Veggies a Recipe for Longevity (02/23/2017, HealthDay)
Can an Apple a Day Keep COPD Away? (02/23/2017, HealthDay)
Little Weight Gain in Pregnancy Tied to Schizophrenia Risk in Kids: Study (02/22/2017, HealthDay)
Does Mercury in Fish Play a Role in ALS? (02/20/2017, HealthDay)
Most Parents Don't Think They're Meeting Their Kids' Nutritional Needs (02/20/2017, HealthDay)
Don't Skip Veggies in Winter (02/20/2017, HealthDay)
Low-Fat Meal May Boost Costly Cancer Drug (02/17/2017, HealthDay)
Cutting Salt a Health Boost for Kidney Patients (02/16/2017, HealthDay)
Possible Drawback to Gluten-Free: Toxic Metals (02/16/2017, HealthDay)
Vitamin D Linked to Lower Risk of Respiratory Infections (02/16/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Give Your Kids Bone-Building Food (02/16/2017, HealthDay)
Teens May Go Hungry as Poorest Families Struggle to Feed Kids (02/15/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Enjoy Beans (02/15/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Eat Your Antioxidants (02/14/2017, HealthDay)
Winning the Veggie Wars With Kids (02/10/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Eating a Healthy Diet (02/10/2017, HealthDay)
Heart-Healthy Tips for Your Grocery List (02/09/2017, HealthDay)
Whole-Grain Foods May Help You Stay Slim (02/08/2017, HealthDay)
When Counting Calories, Consider the Cream and Sugar (02/07/2017, HealthDay)
Many Hospital Workers Are an Unhealthy Lot: Study (02/07/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Have an Unusual Breakfast (02/07/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: For Better Sleep, Watch What You Eat (02/06/2017, HealthDay)
Hey, Super Bowl Fans: Don't Choke on Game Day (02/04/2017, HealthDay)
Substitutions for a 'Slimmer Bowl' Football Party (02/03/2017, HealthDay)
U.S. High School Kids Abandoning Sweetened Sodas (02/02/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Buying Nutritious Food on a Budget (02/02/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Make Sure You Get Enough Iron (02/02/2017, HealthDay)
What You Don't Know About Cancer Can Kill You (02/01/2017, HealthDay)
Timing of Your Meals Might Reduce Heart Risks (01/31/2017, HealthDay)
Could the 'Mediterranean' Diet Help Prevent ADHD? (01/30/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Is Your Toddler Eating Enough? (01/30/2017, HealthDay)
Kids' Sugary Drink Habits Start Early (01/26/2017, HealthDay)
Even One High-Fat Meal Can Harm Your Liver, Study Finds (01/24/2017, HealthDay)
Food Stamp Use Linked to Raised Early Death Risk in Study (01/19/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Don't Waste Food (01/19/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Help Young Athletes Avoid Malnutrition (01/19/2017, HealthDay)
FDA Offers Guidance on Fish Intake for Kids, Pregnant Women (01/18/2017, HealthDay)
Incentives May Spur Poor Families to Buy More Fruits, Veggies (01/18/2017, HealthDay)
Could Grilled, Smoked Meats Lower Survival After Breast Cancer? (01/18/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Get Moving Toward a Healthier You (01/18/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Investing in Your Fitness (01/18/2017, HealthDay)
Monkey Study Boosts Theory That Fewer Calories Can Extend Life (01/17/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Stick With Your Healthy-Eating Resolution (01/17/2017, HealthDay)
Can Coffee Perk Up Heart Health, Too? (01/16/2017, HealthDay)
Kids' Use of Artificial Sweeteners Spiked in Recent Years (01/13/2017, HealthDay)
Sushi Lovers, Beware: Tapeworm Now Found in U.S. Salmon (01/12/2017, HealthDay)
Most of Canada's Packaged Foods, Drinks Have Added Sugars (01/12/2017, HealthDay)
Blood Levels of Meat-Linked Chemical Tied to Odds of Heart Trouble (01/11/2017, HealthDay)
Government-Backed Salt Reduction Efforts Could Deliver Big Health Pay Day (01/11/2017, HealthDay)
Despite Pledges, No Improvement in Chain Restaurant Kids' Menus: Study (01/11/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Eat a Protein-Rich Breakfast (01/11/2017, HealthDay)
Want to Leave Dinner Feeling Full? Bring on the Beans (01/11/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Not All Food Myths Are Accurate (01/05/2017, HealthDay)
More Signs Mediterranean Diet May Boost Your Brain (01/04/2017, HealthDay)
Plant-Based Diets Score Big for Healthy Weight Loss (01/04/2017, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Order a Healthier Breakfast (01/04/2017, HealthDay)
Resolve to Reduce Your Cancer Risk This Year (01/03/2017, HealthDay)
Fish Oil During Pregnancy May Cut Kids' Asthma Risk (12/29/2016, HealthDay)
Healthy Snacks Can Be Smart Part of a Diabetes Diet (12/28/2016, HealthDay)
Kids' Restaurant Meals Need Slimming Down: Nutritionists (12/27/2016, HealthDay)
Why Acne Can Strike Women After the Teen Years (12/27/2016, HealthDay)
Wiser, But Fatter, by Graduation (12/26/2016, HealthDay)
Does Santa's Diet, Lifestyle Earn Him a Stocking Full of Coal? (12/25/2016, HealthDay)
Don't Let Food Poisoning Ruin Your Holiday Celebration (12/23/2016, HealthDay)
Head Off 'Holiday Heart Syndrome' (12/23/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: 3 Steps to Eating Healthier (12/23/2016, HealthDay)
How to Ship Food Gifts Without Risk (12/21/2016, HealthDay)
Child Deaths Highlight Choking Dangers Posed by Grapes (12/21/2016, HealthDay)
Cured Meats Could Aggravate Asthma, Study Suggests (12/20/2016, HealthDay)
Some Kids' Genes Might Make Food Ads More Tempting (12/19/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Add Color to Your Food (12/19/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Get the Nutrients You Need (12/16/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Using a Food Diary (12/15/2016, HealthDay)
Sniffing Out the Asparagus-Odor-in-Pee Mystery (12/14/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Keep Teeth Healthy During the Holidays (12/13/2016, HealthDay)
Healthy Diet May Mean Longer Life for Kidney Patients (12/08/2016, HealthDay)
Low-Carb Diet May Aid Your Metabolism (12/02/2016, HealthDay)
Vegetarian Diets Called Good for People and the Planet (12/01/2016, HealthDay)
Americans Divided Over Organic, GM Foods: Poll (12/01/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Build Your Child's Healthy Plate (11/30/2016, HealthDay)
Doctors Should Counsel Even Low-Risk Patients on Heart Health (11/29/2016, HealthDay)
Fast-Food Calorie Labeling Not Working, Study Finds (11/28/2016, HealthDay)
U.S. Kids Are Eating Healthier Now, But . . . (11/23/2016, HealthDay)
Exploding Some Turkey Myths (11/23/2016, HealthDay)
Your Recipe for a Healthy, Delicious Holiday Season (11/23/2016, HealthDay)
Don't Get Stuffed on Thanksgiving (11/23/2016, HealthDay)
Mercury Levels Dropping in North Atlantic Tuna (11/23/2016, HealthDay)
How to Prepare That Holiday Turkey Safely (11/22/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Don't Nullify Your Workout (11/21/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Don't Overeat During the Holidays (11/21/2016, HealthDay)
Choose the Healthy Foods Options This Holiday Season (11/20/2016, HealthDay)
Bagged Salads May Be Fertile Ground for Bacteria (11/18/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Eating Healthier (11/18/2016, HealthDay)
Can Protein, Probiotics Help With Blood Sugar Control? (11/17/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Enjoy Autumn Produce (11/17/2016, HealthDay)
Public Health Campaign Cut Consumption of Sugary Drinks (11/17/2016, HealthDay)
Meat-Heavy Diets May Raise Older Women's Heart Risks (11/14/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Be Healthier for the Holidays (11/14/2016, HealthDay)
Craving Salt? Your Genes May Be the Reason, Study Suggests (11/13/2016, HealthDay)
Omega-3s a Recipe for Healthy Blood Pressure in Young Adults (11/13/2016, HealthDay)
Food Safety Not Always on Menu of TV Cooking Shows (11/11/2016, HealthDay)
How to Introduce Your Baby to Food Containing Peanuts (11/11/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Toast Pumpkin Seeds (11/11/2016, HealthDay)
Low Vitamin D Levels May Raise Bladder Cancer Risk: Study (11/08/2016, HealthDay)
Soft Drink Suppliers Try to Blunt the Blow of Soda Taxes (11/04/2016, HealthDay)
Many Kids Still Eating Too Much Salt (11/03/2016, HealthDay)
Lack of Sleep May Stretch Your Waistline (11/03/2016, HealthDay)
Skip Dinner and Maybe Boost Your Metabolism (11/03/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Don't Give in to Food Cravings (11/03/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Help Teens Learn to Read Food Labels (11/02/2016, HealthDay)
Big $ Spent Marketing Not-So-Healthy Baby, Toddler Foods: Study (11/01/2016, HealthDay)
Food Labels on Potential Allergens May Confuse Shoppers (11/01/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Snacking Healthier With Diabetes (11/01/2016, HealthDay)
Join the Teal Pumpkin Project on Halloween (10/28/2016, HealthDay)
Heart Group Advises Personalized Nutrition Counseling (10/27/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Looking for a Sweet Snack? (10/27/2016, HealthDay)
Review Says Calcium Supplements Won't Harm the Heart (10/24/2016, HealthDay)
Tips for Keeping Halloween Safe and Fun (10/21/2016, HealthDay)
Digestive Byproduct Tied to Meat Raises Risks for Some Heart Patients (10/19/2016, HealthDay)
Are Vegetarian Diets Heart-Healthier? (10/18/2016, HealthDay)
Mouth and Gut Germs May Be Linked to Migraines (10/18/2016, HealthDay)
National School Lunch Program Serving Up Healthier Fare (10/18/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Health Tip: Risk Factors for Malnutrition (10/17/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Kids Don't Need a Low-Fat Diet (10/17/2016, HealthDay)
1 in 4 College Students Is Hungry: Survey (10/16/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Get Enough Dietary Iron (10/14/2016, HealthDay)
High-Protein Diets May Not Help Fend Off Diabetes: Study (10/11/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Watching Portions and Your Wallet (10/11/2016, HealthDay)
6 Keys to a Safe, Allergy-Free Halloween (10/10/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Sauté Your Veggies (10/10/2016, HealthDay)
Target Fast-Food Combo Meals to Cut Sugary Drinks for Kids: Study (10/07/2016, HealthDay)
Healthy Living May Mean More Healthy Years for Seniors (10/07/2016, HealthDay)
How 'Mindful Eating' Can Keep Kids Slim (10/07/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Enjoy a Heart-Healthy Football Meal (10/07/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Skip the Late Night Snacks (10/04/2016, HealthDay)
More Research Cites Salt's Potential Health Risks (10/03/2016, HealthDay)
It May Be Time to Punt on Your Favorite Football Fare (09/30/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Make Sure Eggs Are Thoroughly Cooked (09/30/2016, HealthDay)
FDA Asks Public: What Is 'Healthy Food'? (09/28/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Let Kids Make Breakfast (09/28/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Add Veggies to Most Any Meal (09/28/2016, HealthDay)
Food Flavors May Come From Surprising Sources (09/27/2016, HealthDay)
New MRSA Strain Found in Denmark (09/23/2016, HealthDay)
Gardening May Give Kids' Diets a Boost (09/23/2016, HealthDay)
Healthy Diet as Teen, Less Weight Gain as Adult (09/23/2016, HealthDay)
Do Open Floor Plans Invite Overeating? (09/22/2016, HealthDay)
Around the World, Holidays Bring Added Pounds (09/21/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Make Time for Family Dinners (09/21/2016, HealthDay)
Stress Might Undercut Benefits of Healthy Diet for Women (09/20/2016, HealthDay)
Carrot-Stick Approach: A Way to Get Folks to Eat More Veggies, Fruits (09/19/2016, HealthDay)
'Baby-Led' Weaning Doesn't Raise Choking Risk: Study (09/19/2016, HealthDay)
Healthy Diet May Be Key to Kids' Reading Skills (09/19/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Fill Up On Low-Calorie Foods (09/19/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: For a Healthier Diet, Plan Ahead (09/19/2016, HealthDay)
Could Fish Oil Fatty Acids Raise a Woman's Risk for Diabetes? (09/16/2016, HealthDay)
Scientists Debunk the '5-Second Rule' (09/15/2016, HealthDay)
Fruits, Veggies Powerful Rx for Kidney Disease: Study (09/14/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Too Busy for Breakfast? (09/14/2016, HealthDay)
Sugar Companies Shifted Focus to Fat as Heart Harm: Study (09/13/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Create a Heart-Healthy Salad (09/13/2016, HealthDay)
Sugary Drink Warnings Hit Home With Teens (09/08/2016, HealthDay)
'Glycemic Index' Too Unreliable to Manage Diabetes: Study (09/07/2016, HealthDay)
Number of Americans on Gluten-Free Diet Tripled in 5 Years (09/06/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Heal Your Body With Nutrition (09/06/2016, HealthDay)
Kids Make Better Food Choices Online Than in School Lunch Lines (09/03/2016, HealthDay)
Fried, Grilled or Baked Foods? They May Affect Type 2 Diabetes Risk (09/02/2016, HealthDay)
Parents Can Play Key Role in Setting Healthy Habits for Kids (09/02/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Visit Your Local Farmer's Market (09/01/2016, HealthDay)
Heart Birth Defects Dropped After Folic Acid Was Added to Food (08/29/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Choose Healthier Sides for Your Barbecue (08/29/2016, HealthDay)
Teach Your Kids to Pick, Prepare and Pack Their School Lunch (08/26/2016, HealthDay)
Breast-Feeding Rates Climb, But Many Moms Quit Early: CDC (08/23/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Shop for the Freshest Fish (08/23/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Pack Healthier Lunches (08/23/2016, HealthDay)
No More Than 6 Teaspoons of Added Sugars a Day for Kids (08/22/2016, HealthDay)
To Keep Teens Slim, Focus on Health not Weight (08/22/2016, HealthDay)
Food, Even Water Can Spoil When the Power Goes Out (08/22/2016, HealthDay)
'Business Diet' a Bad Deal for the Heart (08/19/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Eating Healthy on a Family Trip (08/19/2016, HealthDay)
Fatty Fish May Curb Eye Risks for Diabetics, Study Finds (08/18/2016, HealthDay)
Could Diet in Pregnancy Raise Child's Odds for ADHD? (08/18/2016, HealthDay)
Peanut Allergy Treatment: The Earlier in Childhood, the Better (08/18/2016, HealthDay)
Healthy Diet, Exercise May Help Keep Alzheimer's at Bay (08/17/2016, HealthDay)
Unhealthy Habits May Cost Canadians 6 Years of Life (08/16/2016, HealthDay)
Celiac Disease Risk May Be Tied to Time, Place of Birth (08/16/2016, HealthDay)
Heart Health May Hinge on Easy Access to Fresh Food (08/16/2016, HealthDay)
Blood Pressure-Lowering Diet May Help Treat Gout (08/15/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Do Your Homework Before Dining Out (08/15/2016, HealthDay)
Where Do Americans Buy Most of Their Junk Food? (08/12/2016, HealthDay)
U.S. Kids Don't Make the Grade on Heart Health (08/11/2016, HealthDay)
How to Get Your Child Ready for a Successful School Year (08/11/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Young Men Shouldn't Scrimp on Nutrition (08/11/2016, HealthDay)
What Mom-to-Be Eats Determines Bugs in Baby's Gut: Study (08/09/2016, HealthDay)
Sugary, High-Fat Western Diet Tied to Denser Breast Tissue (08/08/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Need More Energy? (08/04/2016, HealthDay)
Breast-Fed Preemies Do Better on Skills Tests: Study (08/02/2016, HealthDay)
Lots of Red Meat, an Earlier Grave? (08/01/2016, HealthDay)
Order Lunch Early, Lose Weight Later? (08/01/2016, HealthDay)
Is Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity Real? (07/29/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Get More Omega-3 Fatty Acids (07/29/2016, HealthDay)
Edible Pot Sends Toddlers to Colorado ERs (07/25/2016, HealthDay)
FDA Renews Call to Reduce Salt in Processed Foods (07/22/2016, HealthDay)
Menopause: Not All Hot Flashes Are Created Equal (07/22/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Help Your Underweight Child Gain Safely (07/22/2016, HealthDay)
Coming to a Brew Near You: Calorie Counts, Carbs Info (07/21/2016, HealthDay)
Omega-3s in Fish Tied to Better Colon Cancer Outcomes (07/21/2016, HealthDay)
Even High-Fat Mediterranean Diet Good for You: Review (07/19/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Pack Your Pantry With Heart-Healthy Staples (07/18/2016, HealthDay)
Too Much Red Meat Might Harm Kidneys, Study Suggests (07/14/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Keep Spinach Fresher (07/14/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Go Easy on the Condiments (07/13/2016, HealthDay)
Dietary Mineral Could Be One Key to Blood Pressure Control (07/12/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Logging What You Eat (07/12/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Balancing Exercise and Nutrition (07/08/2016, HealthDay)
How to Stay Safe When the Power Goes Out (07/06/2016, HealthDay)
Now Pasta Is Good for Your Diet? (07/05/2016, HealthDay)
Is U.S. Government Subsidizing Fattening Foods? (07/05/2016, HealthDay)
Savvy Marketing Gets School Kids to Snap Up Veggies (07/05/2016, HealthDay)
Study Cites the Fats That Could Shorten Your Life (07/05/2016, HealthDay)
Junk Food Ads Sway Kids' Preferences (07/05/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Packing for a Picnic (07/05/2016, HealthDay)
Food Safety Should Come 1st on the 4th (07/04/2016, HealthDay)
Family Key to Helping Teens Avoid Obesity (07/01/2016, HealthDay)
When Cooking Outside, Don't Let Food Safety Slide (07/01/2016, HealthDay)
FDA Says 'No' to Eating Raw Cookie Dough (06/30/2016, HealthDay)
Has Butter Gotten a Bad Rap? (06/29/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Fuel Up for a Day at the Beach (06/29/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Toddlers Should Get Vitamins From Diet (06/28/2016, HealthDay)
Are Omega-3s Linked to Lower Risk for Fatal Heart Attack? (06/27/2016, HealthDay)
Want to Stay Mobile as You Age? A Healthy Diet May Do the Trick (06/27/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Skip Traditional Barbequed Food (06/24/2016, HealthDay)
Healthy Living Slashes Cancer Risk (06/23/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Keep Pushing Through Your Workout (06/23/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Is Your Snack Fueling Drowsiness? (06/23/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Don't Overeat at Restaurants (06/22/2016, HealthDay)
Most Americans Are Eating Better (06/21/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Eat Mindfully to Help Shed Pounds (06/21/2016, HealthDay)
Folic Acid Now Added to Corn Masa Flour: FDA (06/17/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Identifying Problem Eating (06/17/2016, HealthDay)
Spare the Meat, Skip the Type 2 Diabetes? (06/14/2016, HealthDay)
Could Eating More Whole Grains Help You Live Longer? (06/13/2016, HealthDay)
3 Popular Diet Plans May Help Ease Type 2 Diabetes, Too (06/10/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Fight Inflammation With Diet and Exercise (06/10/2016, HealthDay)
Teen Smoking Down, E-Cigarette Use Up (06/09/2016, HealthDay)
Do Big Bottles Kickstart Infant Weight Issues? (06/07/2016, HealthDay)
Healthy Fats in Mediterranean Diet Won't Boost Weight (06/06/2016, HealthDay)
Pop Stars Often Hawk Unhealthy Foods to Kids: Study (06/06/2016, HealthDay)
Overweight Kids Eat Only a Bit More Per Meal (06/03/2016, HealthDay)
FDA Calls for Less Salt in Processed Foods (06/01/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Eat Healthier (06/01/2016, HealthDay)
Researchers Uncover Surprises About Celiac Disease (05/31/2016, HealthDay)
Lifestyle May Be Key to Improving ADHD in Kids (05/30/2016, HealthDay)
Don't Let Bad Food Spoil a Good Barbecue (05/28/2016, HealthDay)
New Labeling Offers More Protection for Meat Lovers (05/27/2016, HealthDay)
Make That Memorial Day BBQ Tasty -- and Safe (05/27/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Enjoy a Healthier Mexican Meal (05/26/2016, HealthDay)
High-Salt Diets May Raise Heart Risks for Kidney Patients (05/24/2016, HealthDay)
Living Near Fast-Food Places Hurts Less-Educated Most (05/23/2016, HealthDay)
FDA Unveils Makeover of Nutrition Facts Label (05/20/2016, HealthDay)
Fatty Foods During Teen Years May Influence Later Breast Cancer Risk (05/19/2016, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Going Low-Calorie? (05/19/2016, HealthDay)
Genetically Modified Crops Are Safe: Review (05/17/2016, HealthDay)
Could Spuds Be Bad for Blood Pressure? (05/17/2016, HealthDay)
Joe Montana Scoring Points Against Heart Disease (05/17/2016, HealthDay)
Why Pleasant Mealtimes Could Be Key to Alzheimer's Care (05/17/2016, HealthDay)
Teens Who Eat Lots of Fruit May Lower Their Breast Cancer Risk: Study (05/11/2016, HealthDay)
Too Much Folic Acid in Pregnancy Tied to Raised Autism Risk in Study (05/11/2016, HealthDay)
FDA to Re-examine What Makes a Food 'Healthy' (05/10/2016, HealthDay)
Restrictive Diets May Cause Thyroid Troubles in Young Kids (05/10/2016, HealthDay)
Artificial Sweeteners During Pregnancy May Make for Heavier Infants (05/09/2016, HealthDay)

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