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News for Psychological Phenomena and Processes

Beware of Stressful Events in the Evening (12/14/2018, HealthDay)
Intimacy: The Elusive Fountain of Youth? (12/13/2018, HealthDay)
Eczema Can Drive People to Thoughts of Suicide: Study (12/12/2018, HealthDay)
'Easy Way Out'? Stigma May Keep Many From Weight Loss Surgery (12/12/2018, HealthDay)
More Are Seeking Mental Health Care, But Not Always Those Who Need It Most (12/07/2018, HealthDay)
Are You a Victim of 'Clean Plate' Syndrome? (12/04/2018, HealthDay)
Brexit Had Brits Turning to Antidepressants: Study (12/03/2018, HealthDay)
Mental Health Help Becoming Less of a Stigma in Military (12/03/2018, HealthDay)
Depression Is a Risk for Teens, Adults With Epilepsy (12/01/2018, HealthDay)
Untangling the Ties Between Troubled Teens and Pot Use (11/30/2018, HealthDay)
An Abusive Partner May Worsen Menopause Symptoms (11/30/2018, HealthDay)
Healthy Ways to Deal With Conflict (11/27/2018, HealthDay)
Newly Mapped Genes May Hold Keys to ADHD (11/26/2018, HealthDay)
How Long Will Your Teen Live? Personality Might Tell (11/21/2018, HealthDay)
The Jobs That Carry the Highest Suicide Risk (11/15/2018, HealthDay)
Like Coffee? You May Be Genetically Wired That Way (11/15/2018, HealthDay)
Yet Another Selfie? You Might Be a Narcissist (11/14/2018, HealthDay)
Murder of Family, Friends Takes Highest Toll on Black Teens (11/13/2018, HealthDay)
Major Injuries Take a Toll on Mental Health (11/12/2018, HealthDay)
Nearly 1 in 10 Americans Struggles to Control Sexual Urges (11/09/2018, HealthDay)
Smoking Persists for Americans With Mental Health Ills (11/08/2018, HealthDay)
Colleges Strain to Keep Up With Students' Mental Health Concerns (11/07/2018, HealthDay)
He Lost His Son at Sandy Hook -- Now He Wants You to Know the Warning Signs (11/06/2018, HealthDay)
Noisy Neighborhood? Your Heart May Pay a Price (11/05/2018, HealthDay)
A Childhood Full of Happy Memories Might Benefit Your Health Today (11/05/2018, HealthDay)
Pediatricians Renew Call to Abandon Spanking (11/05/2018, HealthDay)
Sharp Rise Seen in Kids' ER Visits for Mental Health Woes (11/02/2018, HealthDay)
Stigma of Autism Can Take Toll on Psyche (11/01/2018, HealthDay)
Autism Risk: Mom's Health May Matter More Than Meds (10/31/2018, HealthDay)
For Diabetics, Going Vegan May Boost Mood Along With Health (10/30/2018, HealthDay)
Firsthand 9/11 Exposure Fueling Alcohol- and Drug-Related Deaths: Study (10/29/2018, HealthDay)
Many Teens Are 'Sextortion' Targets (10/29/2018, HealthDay)
More College Students Seeking Mental Health Care (10/25/2018, HealthDay)
When Love Goes Wrong, Why Some Stay (10/25/2018, HealthDay)
Obesity a Painful Reality for 1 in 6 U.S. Youths (10/24/2018, HealthDay)
Medical Bills 'Toxic' for Some Breast Cancer Patients (10/24/2018, HealthDay)
1 in 4 College Students Really Stressed Out by 2016 Election: Survey (10/22/2018, HealthDay)
Widely Used Antipsychotics May Not Ease Delirium in ICU (10/22/2018, HealthDay)
What Americans Fear Most (10/19/2018, HealthDay)
Take 10 for Mindfulness (10/17/2018, HealthDay)
Xanax, Valium Tied to Higher Suicide Risk in COPD Patients With PTSD (10/16/2018, HealthDay)
Facebook Posts May Hint at Depression (10/15/2018, HealthDay)
Kids' Concussion Symptoms May Persist for a Year (10/15/2018, HealthDay)
Most People Can Recognize About 5,000 Faces (10/11/2018, HealthDay)
It Just Doesn't Pay to Be Nice, Study Finds (10/11/2018, HealthDay)
Today's Go-Go World Too Much for Too Many Hearts (10/05/2018, HealthDay)
A Couple's Tough Trek Back From Opioid Addiction (10/04/2018, HealthDay)
Sexual Assault Has Long-Term Mental, Physical Impact (10/03/2018, HealthDay)
Science Says 'Hug It Out' (10/03/2018, HealthDay)
Acne's Stigma Can Take a Big Mental Toll (10/03/2018, HealthDay)
Many Americans Curious, But Wary, About Gene Testing (10/02/2018, HealthDay)
3 Ways to Tame Food Temptations (10/01/2018, HealthDay)
For Many With MS, Well-Being Increases With Age (09/28/2018, HealthDay)
Racial Bias Can Take Toll on Minority Medical Residents (09/28/2018, HealthDay)
'Hangry' May Be More Than Just a State of Mind (09/28/2018, HealthDay)
Just Witnessing School Violence Can Leave Psychic Scars (09/28/2018, HealthDay)
What's Your Savings Personality? (09/27/2018, HealthDay)
Thinking of Others Makes Healthy Choices Easier (09/24/2018, HealthDay)
Sharing May Be Contagious (09/20/2018, HealthDay)
Many Young Doctors Report Burnout, Regret Career Choice (09/18/2018, HealthDay)
Which of the 4 New 'Personality Types' Are You? (09/17/2018, HealthDay)
Picky Eating May Mask Larger Issues (09/14/2018, HealthDay)
How to Reassure Kids When Florence Strikes (09/13/2018, HealthDay)
1 in 3 College Freshmen Faces Mental Health Woes (09/13/2018, HealthDay)
To Help Beat Heart Disease, Stay Upbeat (09/13/2018, HealthDay)
Staying a Happy Couple During a Home Reno (09/13/2018, HealthDay)
Mindfulness May Be a Buffer Against Pain (09/12/2018, HealthDay)
The Cat's Meow: The Emotional Boost of Cute Videos (09/12/2018, HealthDay)
Sexual Violence Haunts Women for Years (09/11/2018, HealthDay)
Can Teen Drivers Be Scared Into Safe Driving? (09/10/2018, HealthDay)
Acing Intro to College Life (09/09/2018, HealthDay)
Say No to Yo-Yo Dieting (09/07/2018, HealthDay)
Stigma Another Burden for Many With Psoriasis (09/06/2018, HealthDay)
Doctor Burnout Likely to Impair Care (09/05/2018, HealthDay)
Scientists Finally Get Around to Finding Procrastination's Home in the Brain (09/05/2018, HealthDay)
Many Who Battle Cancer Stay Strong Mentally (09/04/2018, HealthDay)
Depression Strikes Nearly 1 in 5 Young Adults With Autism: Study (08/31/2018, HealthDay)
Goats Can Read Human Emotions, Prefer Happy Faces (08/31/2018, HealthDay)
Taming Those High-Calorie Temptations (08/31/2018, HealthDay)
Soldiers' Suicide Attempts Often Come Without Prior Mental Health Diagnosis (08/29/2018, HealthDay)
More Evidence Ties Stress to Heart Trouble (08/28/2018, HealthDay)
Study Finds Some Patients With A-Fib Have Hidden Brain Damage (08/27/2018, HealthDay)
Here's Food for Thought -- and School Success (08/25/2018, HealthDay)
Are You a Fan or a Fanatic? (08/24/2018, HealthDay)
Drop the Word 'Cancer,' and Patient Choices Change (08/23/2018, HealthDay)
FDA Approves Brain Stimulation Device for OCD (08/17/2018, HealthDay)
Is a Haywire Body Clock Tied to Mood Disorders? (08/17/2018, HealthDay)
A Little 'Horseplay' Eases Veterans' Mind, Body & Soul (08/17/2018, HealthDay)
Cosmetic Procedures Boost Well-Being, Poll Shows (08/15/2018, HealthDay)
Sleep Deprivation May Play Role in 'Global Loneliness Epidemic' (08/14/2018, HealthDay)
When Head Injuries Make Life Too Hard, Suicide Risk May Rise (08/14/2018, HealthDay)
From Pigs to Peacocks, What's Up With Those 'Emotional-Support Animals'? (08/13/2018, HealthDay)
Lung Cancer Screening's Downside Not Discussed Enough (08/13/2018, HealthDay)
Dining Out With Smartphones Isn't Appetizing (08/10/2018, HealthDay)
Exercise Really Can Chase Away the Blues … to a Point (08/09/2018, HealthDay)
New Dads Can Get the Baby Blues, Too (08/09/2018, HealthDay)
Parents' Religious Beliefs May Affect Kids' Suicide Risk: Study (08/08/2018, HealthDay)
Severe Diarrhea Can Send IBS Patients Over the Edge (08/08/2018, HealthDay)
Online Daters Are Really Looking for Their Better Half (08/08/2018, HealthDay)
Snap, Polish, Post: Why Selfies May Be Bad for Your Health (08/07/2018, HealthDay)
Quick Fixes: 3 Ways to Combat Food Cravings (08/01/2018, HealthDay)
Could a Blood Test Help Spot Severe Depression? (07/31/2018, HealthDay)
Using Smartphones During Lectures = Lower Grades (07/27/2018, HealthDay)
Could Pot-Linked Drug Help Ease Agitation in Alzheimer's? (07/24/2018, HealthDay)
Supportive Managers Key When a Worker Is Depressed (07/24/2018, HealthDay)
Green Spaces a Mental Balm for City Dwellers (07/20/2018, HealthDay)
Longest Study Yet Finds Adult Kids of Lesbian Moms Are Doing Fine (07/18/2018, HealthDay)
Nitrates in Meat May Be Tied to Mania: Study (07/18/2018, HealthDay)
Eczema Dramatically Impacts Quality of Life (07/16/2018, HealthDay)
Is Depression During Pregnancy on the Rise? (07/13/2018, HealthDay)
For Americans, in Science They Trust (07/12/2018, HealthDay)
Seniors, Feeling Young Is a State of Mind (07/11/2018, HealthDay)
Neurological Fallout From Ebola Infection Worse Than Thought (07/11/2018, HealthDay)
Yet Another Reason Why It's Hard to Stop Smoking (07/11/2018, HealthDay)
Want a Meaningful Conversation? Cut the Small Talk (07/10/2018, HealthDay)
Kids of Gay Parents Don't Struggle More Socially (07/06/2018, HealthDay)
Did Folic Acid Supplementation in Foods Lead to Less Psychosis in Kids? (07/03/2018, HealthDay)
Vacation Bliss Doesn't Linger for Tired, Stressed-Out Workers (07/02/2018, HealthDay)
As the Eyes Go, So May the Mind (06/28/2018, HealthDay)
Trump Carried Counties With High Opioid Use: Study (06/22/2018, HealthDay)
Police Killings Harm Well-Being of All Blacks: Study (06/22/2018, HealthDay)
America's Poor Are Less Happy Than Ever: Study (06/18/2018, HealthDay)
Psychiatric Drug Lithium Tied to Birth Defect Risk (06/18/2018, HealthDay)
Know the Signs of Postpartum Depression (06/14/2018, HealthDay)
Money Spurs Those With Heart Disease to Step Lively (06/13/2018, HealthDay)
Obese Young Adults Prone to Binging, Purging (06/12/2018, HealthDay)
Are Your Meds Making You Depressed? (06/12/2018, HealthDay)
Dogs May Help Soothe Vets With PTSD (06/12/2018, HealthDay)
Urban Violence Has Wide-Ranging Impact on Schools (06/12/2018, HealthDay)
Snubbed on Social Media? Your Depression Risk May Rise (06/07/2018, HealthDay)
2-Drug Combo Could Help Some Women Through Miscarriage (06/07/2018, HealthDay)
Could Early Birth Hinder Adult Success? (06/06/2018, HealthDay)
Stressed Out at Work? Your A-Fib Risk May Rise (06/05/2018, HealthDay)
Sex Robots Are Already Here, But Are They Healthy for Humans? (06/05/2018, HealthDay)
Shorter Thanksgiving Dinners After Trump Election: Study (05/31/2018, HealthDay)
Who Are America's Cohabiting Couples? (05/31/2018, HealthDay)
'Face-Aging' Photos Convince Tanners to Shun the Sun (05/31/2018, HealthDay)
Mindfulness Training to Help With Weight Loss (05/31/2018, HealthDay)
Study Finds Abortion Doesn't Lead to Depression (05/30/2018, HealthDay)
Baby Teeth Give Clues to Autism's Origins, Detection (05/30/2018, HealthDay)
Wise Words on Women's Health (05/29/2018, HealthDay)
Are Yawns Really Contagious? (05/25/2018, HealthDay)
What Makes for a Healthy Community? (05/24/2018, HealthDay)
'Religious Refusal Laws' May Take Mental Health Toll on LGBT Americans (05/23/2018, HealthDay)
A Lonely Heart Poses a Big Health Risk (05/23/2018, HealthDay)
Early Life Trauma May Affect an Adult Man's Sperm (05/23/2018, HealthDay)
'Pizza Challenge' Suggests Food Is Just More Tempting to Some (05/22/2018, HealthDay)
Race May Play Role in Kids' Suicide Risk (05/21/2018, HealthDay)
Are You a Procrastinator? Then Read This. Now! (05/21/2018, HealthDay)
Wanna Look Cool? Give Smiling a Shot (05/20/2018, HealthDay)
Medical Marijuana Ads May Spur Teen Pot Use (05/17/2018, HealthDay)
Big Rise Seen in U.S. Kids, Teens Attempting Suicide (05/16/2018, HealthDay)
Companies Not Doing Enough to Combat Sexual Harassment: Survey (05/15/2018, HealthDay)
Parents More Lenient If PG-13 Movie Violence 'Justified' (05/14/2018, HealthDay)
What Women Seek in a Mate -- Or Just a Fling (05/14/2018, HealthDay)
Little 'Quit-Smoking' Help at U.S. Mental Health Centers (05/10/2018, HealthDay)
After-School Programs a Blessing for Kids With ADHD (05/10/2018, HealthDay)
Hostile Teachers Take the Joy Out of Learning (05/10/2018, HealthDay)
Making Life With Dementia More Bearable (05/10/2018, HealthDay)
Too Much Social Media May Harm a Woman's Body Image (05/04/2018, HealthDay)
Sex Still Matters to Many Seniors, Survey Finds (05/03/2018, HealthDay)
Most U.S. Adults Support More Mental Health Services for Kids (05/01/2018, HealthDay)
Why You Should Unwind After a Tough Day at Work (05/01/2018, HealthDay)
Mid-Life Stresses May Be Tied to Late-Life Dementia Risk (04/30/2018, HealthDay)
College Kids May Be Learning, Even When Checking Smartphones (04/27/2018, HealthDay)
Rock Bands Soar When Some Members Are Married (04/26/2018, HealthDay)
Exercise Your Blues Away (04/25/2018, HealthDay)
Obese Men Suffer 'Weight Stigma,' Too (04/24/2018, HealthDay)
Meditation: Different Approaches, Different Benefits (04/19/2018, HealthDay)
Ketamine Nasal Spray Shows Promise Against Depression, Suicide (04/17/2018, HealthDay)
Overcoming Fear of Back Pain May Spur Recovery (04/16/2018, HealthDay)
Transgender Kids Face High Risk of Mental Health Woes (04/16/2018, HealthDay)
How to Keep Anger From Getting the Better of You (04/16/2018, HealthDay)
A College Student's Guide to Avoiding Burnout (04/15/2018, HealthDay)
'Let It Go' May Be Good Advice for Health (04/13/2018, HealthDay)
The Traits That Hike High School Dropout Risk (04/12/2018, HealthDay)
Did 2016 Election Unleash OCD in the USA? (04/11/2018, HealthDay)
Will a Narcissist Steal Your Sweetheart Just for Kicks? (04/06/2018, HealthDay)
Here's Another Reason to Not Marry Your Cousin (04/04/2018, HealthDay)
When 'Nest Egg' Vanishes, Death Risk Rises (04/03/2018, HealthDay)
Abandoning Your Workouts May Bring on the Blues (04/02/2018, HealthDay)
Living Near Green Space May Make for a Healthier You (04/02/2018, HealthDay)
Stroke's Impact May Go Far Beyond the Physical, Study Finds (03/28/2018, HealthDay)
Big Weight Loss May Bring Big Relationship Changes (03/28/2018, HealthDay)
ADHD Tied to Brain Size Changes in Young Children (03/27/2018, HealthDay)
Sports 'Sponsorships' Hawk Junk Food to Kids (03/26/2018, HealthDay)
His Prostate Cancer Becomes Her Struggle, Too (03/23/2018, HealthDay)
CDC Probes Troubling Rise in Suicide Among Utah Teens (03/22/2018, HealthDay)
Too Much Facebook, Instagram Could Be Tough on Girls (03/20/2018, HealthDay)
'Cutting,' Self-Harm Greatly Raise Suicide Risk for Teens (03/19/2018, HealthDay)
Diet Groups Can Spell Diet Success (03/19/2018, HealthDay)
Study Debunks Link Between Tamiflu and Teen Suicide (03/16/2018, HealthDay)
Violence Trailed Trump's Campaign (03/16/2018, HealthDay)
Recycled Toilet Water Aces Its Taste Test (03/16/2018, HealthDay)
Empathy May Reside in Your DNA (03/13/2018, HealthDay)
Opioid ODs Outpacing Other 'Deaths of Despair' (03/13/2018, HealthDay)
1 in 20 Younger Women Suffers Major Depression (03/12/2018, HealthDay)
Early Periods Tied to Mental Health Issues Into Adulthood (03/09/2018, HealthDay)
Why 'False News' Spreads Faster Than Truth (03/08/2018, HealthDay)
Partner's Heart Pump Can Burden Their Caregiver (03/07/2018, HealthDay)
Think Your Nose Is Too Big? Selfies Might Be to Blame (03/01/2018, HealthDay)
Optimism Might Help You Handle Angina (03/01/2018, HealthDay)
Socializing Is More Fun Without This Distraction (03/01/2018, HealthDay)
To Tell the Truth: Kids' Edition (02/28/2018, HealthDay)
Heart-Healthy 'DASH' Diet May Also Help Lower Depression Risk (02/27/2018, HealthDay)
One Key Factor Raises Gay and Lesbian Teens' Suicide Risk (02/27/2018, HealthDay)
Antidepressants Do Work, Some Better Than Others: Study (02/22/2018, HealthDay)
Putting the Brakes on 'Emotional Eating' (02/22/2018, HealthDay)
Pets Good Medicine for Those Battling Mental Ills (02/16/2018, HealthDay)
Sibling Bullying Could Have Mental Health Effects (02/16/2018, HealthDay)
Money Can Buy You Happiness, But Only So Much (02/14/2018, HealthDay)
Drug Might Be Safer Alternative to Ease Dementia Psychosis (02/14/2018, HealthDay)
Does Your Valentine Have a Roving Eye? Watch Out (02/14/2018, HealthDay)
Depression Common in U.S., Women Hit Hardest (02/13/2018, HealthDay)
No Proof At-Home 'Cranial Stimulation' Eases Depression (02/12/2018, HealthDay)
Valentine's Day Coping Tips When Loved One Is Gone (02/12/2018, HealthDay)
Pain of Acne More Than Skin Deep (02/09/2018, HealthDay)
Making Food Less Important in Your Life (02/09/2018, HealthDay)
Youth Violence in U.S. Declines -- but the War's Not Over (02/08/2018, HealthDay)
Many With Depression Delay, Avoid Treatment (02/08/2018, HealthDay)
Autism, Bipolar and Schizophrenia Share Genetic Similarities (02/08/2018, HealthDay)
Your Attitude About Aging Might Affect Odds for Dementia (02/07/2018, HealthDay)
Did Robin Williams' Suicide Spur 'Copycat' Acts? (02/07/2018, HealthDay)
Do Over-the-Counter Painkillers Alter Emotions, Reasoning? (02/06/2018, HealthDay)
Good Deeds Soothe Stress (02/03/2018, HealthDay)
'Anti-Vaxxers' Are Often Conspiracy Theorists, Too (02/01/2018, HealthDay)
Dieter's Weight Loss May Have 'Ripple Effect' on Partner (02/01/2018, HealthDay)
VA Health System Failing on Mental Health Care: Report (01/31/2018, HealthDay)
Resolutions to Cut Drinking May Be Tough to Keep (01/30/2018, HealthDay)
Trusting a Stranger May Be a Case of Deja Vu (01/29/2018, HealthDay)
Can Just 5 Therapy Sessions Work for Those With PTSD? (01/29/2018, HealthDay)
Death Brings Wisdom to Dying Patients (01/27/2018, HealthDay)
Seizure Drug May Help Ease Symptoms of Major Form of Dementia (01/24/2018, HealthDay)
Is Obesity 'Contagious'? (01/23/2018, HealthDay)
All That Smartphone Time May Be Making Teens Unhappy (01/22/2018, HealthDay)
Creativity May Rely on 'Teamwork' in the Brain (01/17/2018, HealthDay)
Trump in 'Excellent' Physical, Cognitive Health, Doctor Says (01/16/2018, HealthDay)
Severe Bullying Tied to Mental Health Woes in Teens (01/15/2018, HealthDay)
Women Seem More Prone to Winter Blues (01/15/2018, HealthDay)
Health Tip: 5 Ways to Increase Self-Confidence (01/15/2018, HealthDay)
Hormone Therapy May Ease Depression Linked to Menopause (01/10/2018, HealthDay)
For Poorer Americans, Stress Brings Worse Health (01/08/2018, HealthDay)
Millennials Increasingly Strive for Perfection (01/03/2018, HealthDay)
Risky Teen Behavior May Up Odds for HIV in Adulthood (01/03/2018, HealthDay)
Resolve to Abandon Body Negativity (01/01/2018, HealthDay)
Early Puberty in Girls May Take Mental Health Toll (12/26/2017, HealthDay)
Are Women's Hearts More Vulnerable to Stress? (12/21/2017, HealthDay)
Friendships May Be Your Defense Against Diabetes (12/19/2017, HealthDay)
Mindfulness May Be Stress-Buster at Exam Time (12/19/2017, HealthDay)

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