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Health Highlights: Feb. 28, 2014
'Eating for Two' During Pregnancy Could Pack on Too Many Pounds
Blacks Respond Better to German Measles Vaccine, Study Contends
Common Asthma Meds May Raise Sleep Apnea Risk, Study Says
Could Childhood Nightmares Foreshadow Mental Ills as Teen?
Hand Hygiene Lacking in Many U.S. Health Care Facilities: Study
Health Tip: Is That Itchy Skin Eczema?
Health Tip: Preparing to Become Pregnant
Insomniacs' Brains May Work Differently
Police Work Isn't Very Physical, Study Says
Poor Sleep in Gulf War Vets May Be Tied to Brain Changes
Rising Fresh Produce Prices Tied to Higher Risk of Child Obesity
Steroids Often Prescribed for Psoriasis, Countering Guidelines
Treatment Costs Vary for U.S. Children Born With Heart Defects


Health Highlights: Feb. 27, 2014
Doctors' Germ-Laden Stethoscope May Spread Nasty Bacteria
Early Signs That High-Calorie Diet May Help With Lou Gehrig's Disease
FDA's New Food Labels Would Focus on Calories, Sugar Content
Gene Study Offers Clues to Why Autism Strikes More Males
Getting Teeth Pulled Before Heart Surgery May Pose Serious Risks
Health Tip: Do You Have Bronchitis?
Health Tip: When Food and Drugs Interact
Kids Born With HIV May Face Heart Risks Later, Study Suggests
Late-Stage Cancer Diagnosis More Likely in Uninsured Teens, Young Adults
Mentally Ill More Often Victims Of Violence Than Perpetrators: Study
Obesity, 'The Pill' May Raise MS Risk, Research Suggests
One-Third of Young Stroke Victims Remain Disabled Years After: Study
Secondhand Smoke Linked to Miscarriage Risk
Study Questions FDA Warning Against CT Scans for Those With Heart Devices
Too Often, Doctors Miss Suicide's Warning Signs: Study
Vinegar May Be Cheap, Safe Way to Kill TB Germ


Health Highlights: Feb. 26, 2014
A Better Test for Down Syndrome?
Are Kids Born to Older Dads at Risk for Mental Health Woes?
C-Section Birth May Raise Risk of Adult Obesity: Study
Common Strep Bacteria May Be Morphing Into 'Superbug'
Groups Push FDA to Revoke Approval of Highly Potent Painkiller
Health Tip: Caring for Kids' Teeth
Health Tip: Protect Your Child's Heart Health
Kids' Body Image Shaped by Parents, Expert Says
Most Teens With Fibromyalgia Suffer Pain, Fatigue as Adults
Necks, Butts Growth Areas for U.S. Plastic Surgeons
Obamacare Enrollment Reaches 4 Million
Quick Vision Test May Help Spot Concussions on Sidelines
Skin Cancer May Have Driven Evolution of Black Skin
Stigma of Mental Illness Remains Barrier to Treatment
Study Sees No Evidence Linking Diabetes Drugs With Pancreatic Cancer
Teens Who Indoor Tan Often Take Other Health Risks: Survey


Health Highlights: Feb. 25, 2014
Amputee's 'Phantom Limb' Pain Eased by Virtual Arm Technology
Cashiers May Absorb Controversial Chemical When Handling Receipts
FDA Explores '3-Person' Embryo Fertilization
Feeding Cats Smaller, More Frequent Meals Might Make Them Friskier
Fever in 1st Trimester Might Raise Risk of Birth Defects
Flu Shot May Lower Stroke Risk, Too
Health Tip: Moisturize Your Diabetic Feet
Health Tip: Shop for Heart-Healthy Fruits and Veggies
Heavy Kids Exposed to Everyday Chemicals May Face More Heart Risks
MERS Virus That Threatens Humans Also Found in Camels
Myalept Approved for Rare Fat Tissue Disorder
Nurse Caseloads, Education Tied to Surgery Outcomes
On-time Use of Routine Vaccine Keeps Kids Out of Hospital
Researchers Uncover the Secret Behind Bowel Movements
Tarantula Venom Has Painkiller Potential: Study
Transfusions Risky During Certain Heart Procedures, Study Finds
U.S. Obesity Rate Shows Signs of Leveling Off
Vigorous Exertion at Work May Trigger Heart Attacks, Strokes


Health Highlights: Feb. 24, 2014
Blood Pressure Meds May Raise Risk of Serious Falls for Seniors
Blood Thinners Now Recommended for People With Irregular Heartbeat
Chemicals in 'Western' Diet Show Alzheimer's-Like Effects in Mice
Death of Partner Boosts Risk for Heart Attack, Stroke, Study Says
Diabetes Boosts Stroke Risk for Women, But Not Men: Study
Doctors Slower to Prescribe High Blood Pressure Meds to Younger Patients
Health Tip: Depression and Heart Disease
Health Tip: Learn the Signs of Whooping Cough
Healthy Adults Shouldn't Take Vitamin E, Beta Carotene: Expert Panel
Kids' Checkups Should Include Cholesterol, Depression Tests, Doctors Say
Legal Drinking Age of 21 Saves Lives, Review Finds
Many Patients Have Pain After Heart Surgery, Study Finds
Ovarian Cancer Gene May Point to Early Removal of Ovaries: Study
Thyroid Tumors May Be More Dangerous for Cancer Survivors: Study
Use of Tylenol in Pregnancy Tied to Higher ADHD Risk in Child
Vegetarian Diet May Help Lower Blood Pressure, Research Suggests


Frequent School Moves May Harm Kids' Mental Health
Mysterious Polio-Like Illness Strikes Kids in California


Are Best Memories Made by Age 25?
FDA To Step Up Oversight of Indian Drug Makers
Students' Health Habits Tied to School Success


Health Highlights: Feb. 21, 2014
'Heading' Soccer Ball Can Damage Brain, Study Says
Advanced Tonsil Cancer May Respond Well to Targeted Radiation
Are Slimmer, More Attractive Men More Germ-Free?
Blood Sample Might Predict MS Long Before Symptoms Start
Could You Work the Device That Restarts Hearts?
Do You Often Recall Dreams? Your Brain Might Be More Active
Family Conflicts Can Impair Child's Brain Development: Study
Health Tip: Cut Down on Sugar
Health Tip: Understanding Sleep
Modern War Wounds Can Devastate Vets' Sexual, Emotional Health
Monkey Research Shows How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Help the Brain
Vitamin E, Selenium Supplements Might Double Chances of Prostate Cancer
Walking May Help Older Men Sidestep Hip Fractures


Health Highlights: Feb. 20, 2014
'Fat Hormone' Tied to Higher Colon Cancer Risk in Obese Men
A Little Weight Loss May Ease Sleep Apnea
Average Obese Woman Gets Just 1 Hour of Exercise a Year: Study
Could Thyroid Activity Raise Depression Risk in Seniors?
Flu Hitting Younger Adults Hard, Vaccination Helps: CDC
Gut Bacteria Tied to Obesity May Vary With Geography
Head, Throat Cancer Survival May Be Longer if Tumor Caused by HPV: Study
Health Tip: Avoid Food-Safety Mistakes
Health Tip: Manage Stress
Iron Deficiency May Raise Stroke Risk
Outpatient Care for Kidney Disease May Lead to Complications
Scientists Use Fishing Line, Thread to Make Artificial Muscles
Surge in Thyroid Cancer Cases May Be Due to Overdiagnoses: Study
Voice Cues Prompt Similar Brain Response in Dogs, People: Study


Health Highlights: Feb. 19, 2014
A Judgmental Doctor May Make It Hard to Lose Weight
Avastin Shows Mixed Results Against Different Cancers
Drug Might Help Heavy Drinkers Limit Their Booze
Experimental Therapy Shows Promise Against Type of Adult Leukemia
Gene Variations Leave Infants at Risk of Leukemia, Study Suggests
Health Tip: Ward Off Dry Skin
Instructional Video Improves Skin Cancer Diagnoses in Older Men: Study
Insured Patients May Not Always Get Best Trauma Care, Study Finds
Many U.S. Hospitals Fall Short in Preventing Infections
Many U.S. Seniors Get Prescription Painkillers From Multiple Doctors
Mesh for Hernia Repair Reduces Recurrence, Study Suggests
More Evidence That HPV Vaccine Might Lower Cervical Cancer Risk
More Stress, More Headaches, Study Says
Northera Approved For Rare Blood Pressure Condition
Ob/Gyn Groups Issue Guidelines to Lower C-Section Rates
Prescription Eardrops Seem Best for Kids With Recurrent Ear Infection: Study
Too Much Sitting After 60 May Lead to Disability, Study Says
When Jazz Musicians Improvise, So Do Their Brains


Health Highlights: Feb. 18, 2014
'Talking' Medical Devices, Apps Continue to Evolve
After Hip Fracture, Home Exercise Program May Boost Recovery
Antidepressant Celexa May Help Ease Alzheimer's-Linked Agitation
Calico Cats May Help Scientists Understand Human Genetics
Drinking Early in Pregnancy May Harm Placenta, Study Finds
Elephants Comfort Each Other in Distress: Study
Health Tip: Are You at Risk for an Exercise Injury?
Health Tip: Driving Down the Highway
Heavy Kids May Suffer Worse Elbow Fractures
Infections Rare in Outpatient Surgery Procedures, Study Finds
More Breast Cancer Patients Choosing Reconstructive Surgery, Study Finds
More Patients Are Checking Doctor-Rating Websites, Study Finds
Newborns Fed Formula in Hospital Less Likely to Be Breast-Fed Later
Radiation-Free Cancer Scans: Coming Soon?
Surgery Might Top Drugs as First Therapy for Irregular Heartbeat: Study
Training Videos Seem to Boost Brain Activity: Study


Health Highlights: Feb. 17, 2014
'Nerve Block' to Neck Might Help Ease Hot Flashes
Beauty, Not Health May Spur Teens to Use Sunscreen
Bullying May Have Lasting Health Effects on Kids
Clues to Obesity Found in Infants
Could Stress Hormones Help Spur Stock Market Crashes?
Football Helmets Not Much Protection Against Hits to Side of the Head: Study
Health Tip: Pack the Right Sports Snacks
Health Tip: Practicing Pilates
Kids With ADHD May Benefit From 'Brain Wave' Training in School: Study
Living in Rich Neighborhood May Fuel Materialism
More Specialists Question Safety of Testosterone Therapy for Older Men
Mother's Voice on Special Pacifier Helps Preemies Learn to Eat
No Need to Screen All Adults for Clogged Neck Arteries, Experts Say
STD Education Must Start Long Before Kids Engage in Sex
Stroke's Aftermath May Be Tougher on Women
Vimizim Approved for Rare Childhood Disorder
Who's a Hunk Depends on Time of the Month


Scientists Get Closer to Rejuvenating Aging Muscles
Start Heart-Healthy Lessons in Childhood, Expert Says


Sea Lion Shows Non-Human Mammals Also Have Rhythm
Taking Care of Your Heart


Health Highlights: Feb. 14, 2014
Can High Altitudes Protect Football Players From Concussions?
Can Vitamin C Ward Off Stroke?
Fire-Safe Cigarette Law Reduces Home Fires: Study
Flu Hits Unvaccinated Hardest, Study Finds
Food Price Hikes May Affect Those With Type 2 Diabetes
For a Sugar-Free Valentine's Day...
Giving Magnesium to Stroke Victims Early Not Helpful: Study
Health Tip: Protect Kids in Motor Vehicle Crashes
Health Tip: Talk to Teens About Tanning
Implanted Monitor May Help Spot Dangerous Heart Rhythm After Stroke
Indoor Tanning Laws Help Keep Teen Girls Away, Study Finds
Many U.S. Women Prescribed Narcotic Pain Meds During Pregnancy
Ovary Removal Might Raise Odds for Bone Loss, Heart Disease
Sizing Up a Guy by the Width of His Face
Sleep Apnea May Worsen Fatigue in MS Patients
Supportive Mate a Good Match for Your Heart
Three Groups Miss Out on Colon Cancer Survival Gains, Study Says
Want to Rekindle Romance? Try Double Dating


Health Highlights: Feb. 13, 2014
Could Infections Harm Memory in Older Adults?
Dialysis Benefits Pregnant Women With Kidney Disease, Study Finds
Early Clot-Busting Treatment Helps Most Stroke Patients: Study
Few Americans Get Recommended Emergency Stroke Care
Head, Neck Injury May Triple Younger People's Risk for Stroke
Health Tip: Being Active With Heart Failure
Health Tip: Exercise in Cold Weather
Higher HIV Infection Rates Seen in Mental Health Patients: Study
Injected Gel Might Someday Help Treat Heart Failure
Making Acupuncture Even Safer
Many Stroke Survivors Resume Driving Without Testing: Survey
Moderate Exercise May Cut Women's Stroke Risk
Restless Sleep Linked to Widespread Pain in Older Adults
Stroke Risk May Persist Longer Than Thought After Childbirth
Video Games Might Help People With Dyslexia Learn to Read, Study Suggests


Health Highlights: Feb. 12, 2014
1 in 14 Women Worldwide Has Been Sexually Assaulted: Study
Bob Costas's Eye Trouble Temporary, Experts Say
Cocaine Use Spurs Steep, Short-Term Rise in Stroke Risk: Study
Could the Weather Affect Your Stroke Risk?
Having 2 Parents With Alzheimer's May Raise Risk of Early Brain Changes
Health Tip: OTC Medications for Children
Health Tip: Staying Healthy Is a Family Affair
Imbruvica Approval Expanded to Include Chronic Leukemia
Infection-Triggered Strokes Deadlier for Blacks, Study Finds
Infections Like Colds, Chickenpox Tied to Some Stroke Risk in Kids
Lymph Node Test a Good Strategy for Melanoma: Study
More Americans Getting High Blood Pressure Under Control: CDC
New Drug Shows Promise for Restless Legs Syndrome: Study
Newly Discovered Gene May Shed Light on Certain Brain Disorders
Newsman Tom Brokaw Battling Blood Cancer
Newsman Tom Brokaw Has Many Treatment Options for His Blood Cancer
Obamacare Enrollment Nears 3.3 Million
Obesity's Link to Type 2 Diabetes Not So Clear-Cut: Study
Quitting Smoking Linked to Better Mental Health in Study
Selective Breeding of Dogs Can Cause Harm
Stroke Can Cause Sleep Apnea in Some Patients


Health Highlights: Feb. 11, 2014
Annual Mammograms Don't Reduce Breast Cancer Deaths, Study Contends
Dentists' Group Expands Recommended Use of Fluoride Toothpaste for Kids
Double Mastectomy May Benefit Some Women With Inherited Breast Cancer
Early Treatment for Depression May Be Good for the Heart
Experimental Eyewear Helps Surgeons 'See' Cancer, Study Says
FDA Panel Sees No Heart-Safety Advantage With Naproxen
FDA to Investigate Diabetes Drug Saxagliptin for Possible Heart Failure Risk
Gene Exam Might Predict Breast Cancer Progression
Health Tip: Choosing the Right Babysitter
Health Tip: Cooking With Eggs
Hepatitis B Screening Proposed for All High-Risk Adults
Kidney Donation a Low-Risk Choice, Study Finds
New 'Obamacare' Delay Draws Mixed Reactions
Partial HPV Vaccine Series May Help Prevent Genital Warts in Girls
Preemie Birth Linked to Higher Insulin Levels in Kids
States May Be Getting Stricter on Child Vaccine Exemptions
Survey Finds Most Americans Misinformed About Heart Disease
Teens' Stress Levels Rival Those of Adults, Survey Finds
U.S. Officials Target Escalating Drug Overdoses
Women Do Prefer Taller Guys, Study Finds


Health Highlights: Feb. 10, 2014
Autism Costs Average $17,000 Yearly for Each Child, Study Finds
Energy Drinks, Coffee Increasing Sources of Caffeine for Kids, CDC Says
FDA Advisers Revisit Heart Risks Posed by Painkillers
Fewer Heart Patients Now Dying From Heart Disease, Study Shows
Health Tip: Storing Toys
Health Tip: Trampoline Injuries
Illnesses Traced to Uncle Ben's Rice; Commercial-Size Packages Recalled
Is Technology Creating a World of Sickly Couch Potatoes?
Low-Dose Statins Good Option for Some Heart Patients: Study
New Obesity Weapon: Kids Teaching Kids
Poor Patients Might Benefit From Trained Helpers After Hospital Discharge
Premature Babies Benefit From Adult Talk, Study Finds
President's Panel Calls for More Girls, Boys to Get HPV Vaccine
Scientists Spot 7 New Regions of DNA Tied to Type 2 Diabetes
Sex Is Important to Many Midlife Women
Teen Pregnancy Rates Much Higher for Girls With Serious Mental Illness: Study
West Nile Virus Has Cost U.S. Nearly $800 Million: CDC


Cat Bites May Lead to Serious Infections, Hospitalizations
Study: Minimum Pricing for Alcohol Would Affect Poorer, High-Risk Drinkers


Old Wood Stoves a Costly Way to Keep Warm, Experts Say


Health Highlights: Feb. 7, 2014
Could People's Well-Being Affect Likelihood of Kidney Donation?
Feeling in Control? You Might Live Longer
Health Tip: Avoid Weight Gain While Quitting Smoking
Health Tip: Developing Frostbite
Many Bipolar Patients Take Multiple Psychiatric Meds
Many New Mothers Skip Important 6-Week Checkup, Study Finds
Obesity May Raise Death Risk From Tongue Cancer
Running Might Beat Walking for Breast Cancer Survivors
Single-Sex Education's Benefits Challenged in Study
Survival Rates Similar After Accidents, Acts of Violence: Study
Teens' Energy Drink Habit May Be Linked to Booze, Tobacco, Drug Use


Health Highlights: Feb. 6, 2014
'House' TV Series Leads to Real-Life Diagnosis
Brain Study Explores 'Inner World' of Autism
Daily Aspirin May Guard Against Ovarian Cancer
Expanded DNA Testing Might Allow Personalized Breast Cancer Treatment
Fever-Related Seizures in Kids Eased by Epilepsy Drug: Study
Infants' Response to Talking Faces May Be Clue to Autism
Kidney Injury During Surgery Tied to Risk of Heart Problems
Many U.S. Adults Not Getting Key Vaccines: CDC
New Guidelines Aim to Lower Stroke Risk in Women
Only 1 in 3 HIV-Infected Black Americans Gets Effective Treatment: Study
Psychotherapy May Be Effective Alternate Treatment for Schizophrenia, Study Finds
Schizophrenia Linked to Pregnancy Complications, Study Suggests
Scientists Generate Insulin-Producing Cells in Diabetic Mice
Want to Keep the Weight Off? Weekday Meals May Be Key


Health Highlights: Feb. 5, 2014
Amputee 'Feels' Objects With Prosthetic Hand
Boosting Access to Healthier Grocery Stores Might Not Improve Eating Habits
CVS Caremark to Stop Selling Tobacco Products
China's New Bird Flu Might Put People at Risk, Report Says
Could Low-Fat Yogurt Help Ward Off Diabetes?
Early Promise for a Blood Thinner Without the Bleeding Risk
Intravenous Vitamin C May Boost Chemo's Cancer-Fighting Power
New Weight-Loss Surgery May Not Ease Chronic Heartburn
Preemie Breathing Problems Might Linger in Adulthood
Ready to Get in Shape? Ease Into Exercise, Experts Say
Risk of Depression May Rise With Too Much or Too Little Sleep
Shivering, Like Exercise, May Help Boost Weight Loss
There's Still Time to Get a Flu Shot
When Times Are Tough, People Cut Down on Doctor Visits


Health Highlights: Feb. 4, 2014
'Gastric Banding' Patients Often Have Dietary Issues, Study Finds
Another Win for the Mediterranean-Style Diet
Blood Sugar Monitoring System Approved for Children
Climate Change Predicted to Boost Heat-Related Deaths
Controlling Blood Pressure, Cholesterol May Not Boost Brain Health for Diabetics
Decline of Antibiotic Use Among Kids Seems To Be Leveling Off: Study
Expectant Mothers' Colds May Affect Baby
Eye Condition in Preemies Hints at Risk for Later Disabilities
Fatal Car Crashes Involving Pot Use Have Tripled in U.S., Study Finds
Fewer U.S. Kids Killed in Car Crashes; Safety Restraints Still an Issue
Groundbreaking Partnership Formed to Develop New Treatments
High Blood Pressure in Young Adults Could Mean Heart Trouble in Middle Age
Infants at Highest Risk for Childhood Burns
Many Young Americans With HIV Delay Treatment: Study
Only Close Family History Needed for Cancer Risk Assessment


Health Highlights: Feb. 3, 2014
Added Sugar in Diet Tied to Death Risk From Heart Trouble
At-Home Stool Test for Colon Cancer Called Accurate, But Not Foolproof
Body's Immune System Destroys Would-Be Cancer Cells Daily: Study
Different Bacteria Levels Seen in Women Who Give Preterm Birth: Study
Embryo Selection May Help Prevent Some Inherited Disorders
FDA Will Review Safety of Testosterone Therapy
Gay Teen Boys More Likely to Use Muscle-Building Steroids: Survey
HPV Shot Doesn't Encourage Sexual Activity in Young Girls: Study
Ibuprofen, Aleve Won't Raise Miscarriage Risk: Study
Many Parents of Obese Children Underestimate Their Weight
Patients Can Now Get Test Results Straight From the Lab: HHS
Study Ties Home Births to Higher Infant Death Rates
U.S. Abortion Rate Drops to Lowest Level Since 1973: Report
U.S. Teens Eat Too Much Salt, Hiking Obesity Risk: Study
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