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Health Highlights: Sept. 30, 2013
Aging Brain May Have More Trouble With Financial Decisions: Study
Health Tip: Smoking Affects Heart Health
Health Tip: Waking Up at Night
Many Americans Worry About Cost of Long-Term Care: Poll
Many More Kids Visiting ER for Sports Concussions, Study Finds
Many U.S. Parents Share Bed With Babies Despite Risks: Survey
Medicare, Medicaid Would Keep Running If U.S. Government Shuts Down
New Infertility Treatment Leads to First Baby, Researchers Report
Perjeta Approved for Early Stage Breast Cancer
Preschoolers' Use of Psychiatric Drugs Levels Off, Study Shows
Seeing Doctor Regularly May Cut Your Colon Cancer Risk
Shape, Size of Wine Glass May Skew How Much You Pour
Whooping Cough Outbreaks Tied to Parents Shunning Vaccines


Hear This, Musicians: French Horn May Hurt Your Ears
Why Ballet Dancers Can Spin Without Getting Dizzy


Tips for Preventing, Coping With Pinkeye


Health Highlights: Sept. 27, 2013
Aging May Not Dull Decision-Making Skills, Study Finds
Can Eating Peanut Butter Cut Breast Cancer Risk in Later Life?
Could Antidepressant Combat Lethal Lung Cancer?
Drugged Driving Plays Major Role in Traffic Deaths
Fine Muscle Control May Continue Developing Into Teen Years
HEALTH REFORM: Many on Medicare Already Enjoying Benefits
Health Tip: Dealing With a Child's Cough
Health Tip: Exercising Despite Allergies and Asthma
Healthy Eating Benefits Heart Failure Patients, Study Says
Over-Involved Mothers Tied to Women's Poor Eating, Body Attitudes, Study Says
Scientists Gain Genetic Insight Into Alzheimer's Disease
Shopping Doesn't Help in Face of Trauma, Researchers Say
Simple Method May Help Predict Tiny Preemies' Outlook
Smokers Have Higher Complication Risk After Colon Surgery, Study Finds
Teaching Sleep Tips to Parents Seems to Help Kids With Autism


Health Highlights: Sept. 26, 2013
'Cycling' Antibiotics Might Help Combat Resistance, Study Suggests
Big Breakfast May Be Best for Diabetes Patients
Blood Levels of Banned Flame Retardant Drop for Pregnant Women in California
Blood Thinner Dangerous for Patients With Artificial Heart Valves, Study Finds
CDC Reports More Americans Getting Flu Shots
Common Diabetes Drugs May Carry Risk, Study Suggests
EPA Suggests Safer Flame Retardants
Evidence Shows Steroid Used in Livestock Can Impact Waterways
Gel May Offer Simple Treatment for Newborns With Low Blood Sugar
HEALTH REFORM: Medicaid Expansion Will Allow More to Get More
Health Tip: Prevent Burning and Scalding
Health Tip: Prevent Food Poisoning in Baby Food
Job Satisfaction May Suffer When Role Is Misunderstood
Researchers Tie Increased Throat Cancer Cases to HPV Infection
Risks for Kidney Donors Decline, Study Finds
Severe Blood Infections During Childbirth on Rise in U.S. Women
Stem Cells From Fat Might Improve Plastic Surgery


Health Highlights: Sept. 25, 2013
Bacterial Infection's Spread Occurs Beyond Health Care Settings: Study
Brain Scans Show Why Psychopaths Don't Feel Your Pain
Could Obesity Help Older People With Type 2 Diabetes?
Epilepsy Drugs in Pregnancy May Affect Infants' Fine Motor Skills
Finding May Help Doctors Pinpoint Likelihood of Kidney Transplant Failure
HEALTH REFORM: If You're an Uninsured Worker, It's Your Chance to Get Covered
Health Tip: Help a Sprained Ankle Heal
Health Tip: Is the Noise Too Loud?
It's Not Too Soon to Get Your Flu Shot, Doctor Says
New Robotic Leg Gets Closer to the Real Thing, Study Says
Obesity Researchers Identify 'Good Fat' in Mice
Parenthood May Reduce Diabetes-Related Death Risk, Study Suggests
Preemies' Woes Sometimes Due to Heredity, Study Says
Report: Health-Reform Plans Seem to Have Lower-Than-Expected Premiums
Study Finds No Connection Between Autism, Celiac Disease
Study Questions Fish Oil Brain Claims
Survey Could Spot Parents Who Shun Child Vaccinations


Health Highlights: Sept. 24, 2013
10 Percent Weight Loss May Relieve Arthritic Knee Pain
Bed-Sharing With Babies Tied to More Breast-Feeding
Chronic Kidney Disease on Rise Among U.S. Seniors, Study Shows
Concussion Symptoms May Not Differ in Teen, Young Adult Athletes
Drinking Locations Factor Into Partner Violence, Study Says
Friends, Family Often the Suppliers in Underage Drinking, Smoking: Survey
HEALTH REFORM: Expect Pluses, Minuses for Those With Job-Based Coverage
Health Tip: Troubled by an Ingrown Toenail?
Health Tip: When Kids Are Home Alone
Insulin Pump Shut-Off Feature Prevents Low Blood Sugar, Study Finds
Kidney Damage a Risk of Some Childhood Cancer Treatments, Finds Study
Little Benefit Seen in Repeat Bone-Density Testing
Low Testosterone Linked to Possible Heart Problems in Men
Married People May Be Likelier to Survive Cancer: Study
New Tool May Help Identify Deadly Brain Bleed
Study May Help Explain Delay of Heart Disease in Women
Vitamin D Alone Doesn't Boost Bone Health, Study Says


Health Highlights: Sept. 23, 2013
'Superbug' MRSA Infections Aren't Dropping in Children: CDC

HEALTH REFORM: Exchanges Will Be Cornerstone for Coverage Choices
Breast-Feeding Problems Common for First-Time Moms
Can Afternoon Naps Help Preschoolers Learn Better?
Could Immune Cell Discovery Lead to Universal Flu Vaccine?
Daily Tasks a Challenge for Many Older Breast Cancer Patients
Extended Hormone Therapy Doesn't Help Some Prostate Cancer Patients: Study
FDA Sets Rules for Smartphone Medical Apps
HEALTH REFORM: Young Adults May Be Key to Making It All Work
Health Tip: Communicating With Kids
Health Tip: Keep Your Nails Clean
Medicare Costs for Heart Attack Survivors Up 17 Percent, Study Finds
Moderate Arsenic in Environment Tied to Higher Heart Attack, Stroke Risk
Nail Fungus Drug Might Help Against HIV, Study Suggests
Psoriasis Drug May Help Treat Type 1 Diabetes: Report
Silence, Inaction May Compound Problem of Domestic Violence: Survey
Some Birth Defects in the Heart Present Infection Risk, Study Finds
Two Key Questions May Reveal Depression in Cancer Patients


Racism Takes a Toll on Kids' Mental Health, Research Shows


Child's Chronic Illness Can Affect the Whole Family


Health Highlights: Sept. 20, 2013
Abnormal BMI Tips Scale Toward Pregnancy Complications, Study Says
Bacterial 'Autopsy' Could Speed Antibiotic Discovery: Study
Blood 'Marker' May Predict Diabetes Risk in Older Women
Carbonation May Help Artificially Sweetened Soda 'Trick' the Brain
Deadly Respiratory Virus Has Passed Between Animals, Humans Before
FDA Launches System to Label Medical Devices
Health Tip: Eat a Good Breakfast
Health Tip: Opt for Healthier Fast Food
Memory-Erasing Gene Discovered in Mice
Mental State Influences Readmission After Heart Failure Treatment, Study Says
Overlooked Delirium Worsens Hospital Course for People With Dementia
Parkinson's Patients at Genetic Risk for Dementia Might Be Identified Sooner
Spinal Injuries to Soldiers Much More Common in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars
U.S. Funds New Tobacco Regulation Research Centers
Women Vets May Need More Access to Breast Cancer Services


Health Highlights: Sept. 19, 2013
'Intensifed' Global Effort Needed to Further Cut Child Deaths: Report
Alzheimer's 'Epidemic' Straining Caregiver, Community Resources: Report
Anti-smoking Campaign Surpasses Expectations
Braces Seem to Benefit Many Kids With High-Risk Scoliosis
Eating, Swallowing Exercises May Aid Throat Cancer Patients
FDA Airs Plan to Strengthen Rules for Imported Foods
Health Tip: Do You Need Frequent Cholesterol Screenings?
Health Tip: Treating Psoriasis on the Feet
Heart Infection Causing Fewer Hospitalizations, Researchers Say
Imaging Provides New Insights Into Schizophrenia
Incontinence Surgery Bests Physical Therapy in Trial
Medical Harm Occurs in Nearly 43 Million Hospital Cases Each Year
Opioids Not Winning the Battle Against Pain, Study Suggests
Research Hints at How Alzheimer's Affects the Brain
Statins Linked to Raised Risk of Cataracts in Study
Weight-Loss Surgery Can Improve Long-Term Diabetes Control, Study Says


Health Highlights: Sept. 18, 2013
Advance Seen in Turning Adult Cells Into Stem Cells
Colon Cancer Screenings Work, Twin Studies Report
Does Donating Bonus Money Make Folks Happy?
E-Readers Benefit Some With Dyslexia, Study Finds
Fluorescent Scans May Have Potential to Track Alzheimer's Progression
Gene Testing Helps Sort Out Bacterial, Viral Infections
Genetic Condition May Be Mistaken for Autism in Some Kids: Report
Geography, Income Determine Health Care in U.S., Report Says
Health Tip: Allergic to Latex?
Health Tip: Help Prevent Clogged Milk Ducts
Shorter Radiation Course Appears Effective for Early Breast Cancer
Surgical Readmission Rates Reflect Initial Care, Study Suggests
Vitamin B Supplements May Guard Against Stroke
Young Adults With Autism Less Likely to Have Jobs, Live Independently


Health Highlights: Sept. 17, 2013
'Bath Salts' Drugs Led to 23,000 ER Visits in One Year: U.S. Report
2 Questions May Reveal Seniors' Impending Decline, Study Says
Blueberries, Red Grapes May Boost Body's Immune Function
Could E. Coli Vaccine for Cows Cut Human Infections?
Doctors Quick to Order Knee MRIs When They Own a Scanner, Study Finds
Frequent Cold Sores Tied to Genetic Mutation in Study
Health Tip: Easing the Discomfort of Late Pregnancy
Health Tip: Help Your Teen Get Enough Sleep
Intensive Substance-Abuse Treatment Fails to Deliver Better Results: Study
Medicaid Patients Behind Jump in California ER Visits, Study Finds
New Understanding of Racial Disparities and Diabetes
Protein Found in Blood Might Help Detect Lung Cancer Sooner: Report
Report Sees Continued Advances in War Against Cancer
Suicides Rose Worldwide After 2008 Economic Crisis: Study
Tamoxifen's Mental Side Effects Are Real, Study Shows


Health Highlights: Sept. 16, 2013
1 in 5 High School Seniors Binge Drinks: Study
Asthma Care Critical During Pregnancy, Study Finds
Bullied Kids Often Develop Physical Symptoms, Study Says
CDC Sounds Alarm on Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
Chest Pain Less Common in Female Heart Patients: Study
Costs for Kids' Food Allergies Estimated at Nearly $25 Billion
First Generic Version of Xeloda Approved
Genes Tied to High Blood Pressure Found in Black Americans
Health Tip: Coping With Lupus
Health Tip: Spot the Signs of 'Lazy Eye'
Healthy Lifestyle May Reverse Cellular Aging, Study Suggests
New Device Approved for Enlarged Prostate
Same-Sex Couples' Kids Less Likely to Have Private Health Insurance: Study
Serious MRSA Infections in U.S. Declining: CDC
Sickle Cell Drug Reduces Symptoms, Health Costs Alike, Study Finds
U.S. Teens Begin to Slim Down, Study Suggests
Unfounded Fear Prompts Some Preventive Mastectomies: Study


Cancer Drug May Be Helpful for Diabetes, Mouse Study Hints
Does Your Shopping Style Say You're Powerful or Powerless?


Loved Ones Stay Attuned to Spouse's Emotions, Study Says
The Real Message Behind Status Handbags?


Health Highlights: Sept. 13, 2013
4 Factors Predict Diabetes Remission After Surgery: Study
Bilinguals Increase Their Mental Flexibility, Study Finds
Car Ventilation Settings May Reduce Exposure to Pollution
Health Tip: Going Meatless
Health Tip: Identifying a Learning Disability
Informed Patients Can Help Stem Antibiotic Overuse
Older Age May Mean Fewer Hangovers
Simple Score May Predict Heart Attack, Stroke Risks
Sleep Apnea Treatment May Help Patients Look Better
Study: Predominantly Black Nursing Homes Deliver Poorer Care
Teens' Antisocial Texts May Foretell Bad Behavior
Trauma Center Death Rates Linked to Patient Population
Vitamin D Deficiency Often Seen in Traumatic Bone Breaks


Health Highlights: Sept. 12, 2013
Alzheimer's May Vary, Brain to Brain
Americans Enjoying More Healthy Years
Botox Approved as Temporary Treatment for Crow's Feet
Childhood Obesity Quadruples Chances of Adult Hypertension: Study
College Football Players Seem to Grow Bigger and Stronger, But Not Faster
Even Younger Women With Diabetes May Face Higher Odds for Heart Disease
FDA Panel Backs Wider Use of Drug to Treat Early Stage Breast Cancer
Gene Mutation May Help Predict Lung Cancer Survival in Nonsmokers
Health Tip: Take a Water Exercise Class
Health Tip: Will a Pacemaker Help Me?
Packing School Lunches With Food Safety in Mind
People's Beliefs on Drunk Driving May Change When They're Drunk
Positive Attitude Linked to Longer Life in Heart Patients
Report: Child Neglect a Continuing Problem in U.S.
Righty or Lefty? It's Largely Genetic, Study Suggests
States With More Gun Owners Have More Gun-Related Murders: Study
Strong Verbal Skills in Childhood May Raise Drinking Risk, Study Suggests
Tooth Cavities Linked to Lower Risk of Head, Neck Cancer in Study
Vaccine Coverage High in U.S., but Measles Outbreaks a Concern: CDC


Health Highlights: Sept. 11, 2013
'Exposure Therapy' Along With Antidepressants May Help With OCD
'Love Hormone' May Affect Social Connections
Depression May Be Worse When Accompanied by Anger, Irritability
FDA Approves Botox for Crow's Feet
Gene Test May Help Predict Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness
Health Tip: Climbing at the Playground
Health Tip: Ride a Horse Safely
Lying in Virtual World Can Be Spotted, Study Finds
Most Doctors Oppose Physician-Assisted Suicide, Poll Finds
Nearly 60 Percent of Uterine Cancer Cases Preventable: Report
New Registry Aims to Serve People With Down Syndrome
Obesity May Increase Migraine Odds
Racial and Ethnic Differences Seen in Survival, Care Needs With Certain Strokes
Researchers Focus on Likelihood of Breast Cancer Recurrence
Testosterone Not the Whole Story in 'Male Menopause'
Young People May Respond Better to Upbeat Health Messages


Health Highlights: Sept. 10, 2013
1 in 4 Asia-Pacific Men Admits to Rape: Survey
Boosting Teens' Mental Well-Being Is Goal of New Skills Program
CPR Underused by Minorities, Study Finds
Changes in Household Routines Help Reduce Kids' Obesity: Study
ER Visits Common After Seniors' Surgery, Study Finds
FDA Announces New Safety Measures for Narcotic Painkillers
Financial Incentives for Docs May Improve Care
For Uninfected Partner, Antiretroviral Drugs May Shield Against HIV
Futile Care in ICU a Common Occurrence, Doctors Say
Health Tip: Buying Children's Shoes
Health Tip: Is a Medical Condition Affecting Your Weight?
Novel Drug Shows Promise for Early Stage Breast Cancer
Reality TV Star Discusses Addiction Recovery
Smoking Plus Asthma in Pregnancy May Make for 'Dangerous Situation'
Some Painkillers Tied to Certain Birth Defects in Study
Two Studies Highlight Benefits of Electronic Health Records
U.S. Faces Cancer-Care Crisis, Report Suggests


Health Highlights: Sept. 9, 2013
'Tips From Smokers' Campaign Beat Expectations
5 Percent of U.S. Kids 'Severely Obese,' Experts Warn
Adopted Teens More Likely to Attempt Suicide, Study Finds
Bedbugs' Genes May Protect Them From Insecticides
Black Americans at Raised Risk of Insufficient Sleep, Study Finds
Commercial Baby Foods Fall Short for Nutrition: Study
For Obese Kids, Weight Loss Can Sometimes Lead to Eating Disorders
Genetic Syndrome May Have Links to Parkinson's Disease
Health Tip: Enjoy a Safe Hot Tub
Health Tip: Maintain Your Balance
Most Breast Cancer Deaths Occur in Younger, Unscreened Women: Study
Recycled Wastewater Safe for Crop Irrigation, Study Says
Scientists Shed New Light on Cerebral Palsy, Early Infant Death
Smaller Testicles, Bigger Parenting Role, Study Suggests
Study Sees No Link Between Drinking During Early Pregnancy and Birth Woes
Whooping Cough Risk Higher Among Kids Who Miss Vaccinations: Study


Researchers: Protein Linked to Sudden Cardiac Death


E-Cigarettes May Equal Nicotine Patches for Smoking Cessation
Winter Depression May Be Less Common Than Believed


Health Highlights: Sept. 6, 2013
Abraxane Approved for Late-Stage Pancreatic Cancer
Cataract Surgery Tied to Lower Death Risk for Patients With Vision Loss
FDA: Low Levels of Arsenic in Rice
Health Tip: Grinding Your Teeth?
Health Tip: Wash Produce Before You Eat It
Making Music May Encourage Teamwork in Kids
Menthol Cigarette Use Rising Among Young Smokers
More U.S. Women Having Kids in Their 30s and 40s: Report
Obesity Gene Tests May Not Hamper Weight-Loss Efforts
Short Sleep on Work Nights Common: Poll
Sleepy Teens Seem at Higher Risk for Pedestrian Accidents
Stressful Events May Raise Risk of Falls in Older Men, Study Finds


Health Highlights: Sept. 5, 2013
Chlamydia, Gonorrhea Tied to Higher Risk of Pregnancy Complications
Friends' Online Photos May Sway Teens' Behavior
Gut Bugs May Hold Key to Weight Control, Mouse Study Suggests
Health Tip: Help Ease Teething Pain
Health Tip: Help Sun-Damaged Skin
Impulsive Food Purchases Tied to Too Little Sleep, Study Finds
Lessons Learned From Cantaloupe-Listeria Outbreak
Looking Sleepy Speaks Volumes, Study Says
Marijuana Not a 'Safe Drug,' Review Finds
Medicaid Paying for More U.S. Births: Study
Mediterranean Diet May Be Good for the Brain
Psychotherapy a Powerful Tool to Fight Depression, Studies Show
Teens' Use of E-Cigarettes Doubles in a Year: CDC
U.S. Drinking Water Sanitation Still a Concern: CDC
When Football Team Loses, Fans Reach for Junk Food
With Insomnia, Mind May Also Wander During Day


Health Highlights: Sept. 4, 2013
Antiviral Drug May Extend Brain Cancer Survival, Researchers Say
Britain's King Richard III Likely Had Roundworms
Docs Rarely Discuss Sunscreens With Patients, Study Finds
Health Tip: Easing Muscle Soreness
Health Tip: You May Need Surgery for Low Back Pain
Heart Attack Death Rates Unchanged Despite Faster Treatment, Study Finds
MRI May Not Improve Outcomes for Early Form of Breast Cancer
More Evidence Backs Routine CT Scans for Early Lung Cancer Detection
Most Women Don't Understand Their Breast Cancer Risk: Survey
New Method Cuts Radiation During Pacemaker Procedure: Study
Scientists Pinpoint Which Kids With Heart Muscle Disease Are in Most Danger
Screaming, Cursing at Your Misbehaving Teen May Backfire
Short Bouts of Brisk Exercise May Help Cut Obesity Risk
Use of Low-Dose Steroid Creams During Pregnancy Won't Affect Baby: Study
Video Game May Erase Effects of Aging on the Brain
Vigorous Exercise May Lessen Young Men's Risk of Epilepsy
Young Americans' Prescription Med Abuse Still Down: Report


Health Highlights: Sept. 3, 2013
200,000 Heart Disease, Stroke Deaths Could Be Prevented: CDC
All-in-One Pill May Be Effective Treatment for Heart Care
European Men Grew 4 Inches Taller Over Past 100 Years
Half of People With High Blood Pressure Don't Know It
Health Tip: Avoid Food Poisoning From Seafood
Health Tip: Safe Use of a Car Seat
Hepatitis B Vaccination Cuts Deaths From Liver Disease, Cancer: Study
Hospital-Acquired Infections Cost $10 Billion a Year: Study
More Menopausal Women Hospitalized for Asthma, Study Finds
New Drug Shows Promise for Type 2 Diabetes
Panel Wavers on Routine Screening for Poor Leg Circulation
Pay Gap Between Male, Female Doctors Persists, Study Finds
Scientists Tally Viruses Living in Mammals
Sleep May Aid in Brain Repair, Mouse Study Finds
Steroid Shots a Temporary Fix for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Study


Boys Have Higher Death Rates From Many Causes, Study Shows
Health Tip: Chickenpox May Lead to Complications
Health Tip: Help Kids Feel Better About Themselves
New Diabetes Drug Seems Safe for Heart, Study Finds
Parents' Goals Guide ADHD Treatment Choice
Take Kids to Get Their Flu Shots Early, Experts Say


Clearing More Arteries Works in Angioplasty Trial
Most Childhood Sleep Problems Are Preventable: Expert
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