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Health Highlights: Sept. 20, 2017
'Green Schoolyards' May Bring Better Health to Kids
As Men's Weight Rises, Sperm Health May Fall
Fighting HIV on Multiple Fronts Might Lead to Vaccine
Fracture Risk Higher for Seniors With Diabetes
Gun Surrender Laws Help Women Threatened by Domestic Violence
Health Tip: Four Common Types Of Acne
Health Tip: Is Your Baby Teething?
High, Low Levels of Magnesium Linked to Dementia Risk
Prostate Cancer Symptoms Aren't Always Obvious
Styling a Home Gym
Weight-Loss Surgery May Leave Some Anemic
When Moms Don't Sleep Well, Neither Do Their Kids
Who's Likely to Fall for Fake News?
Will an E-Cigarette Harm Your Heart?


Health Highlights: Sept. 19, 2017
9 of 10 Docs Unprepared to Prescribe Marijuana
Are Today's Teens Putting the Brakes on Adulthood?
Cancer Treatment Can Affect Your Food Preferences
Caring for a Sick Pet Can Really Drain You
Exercise May Stem Kidney Damage in Lupus Patients
Focus on Just One Sport Can Mean Stress for Girls
Girl Soccer Players Take More Chances After Concussions
Gun Injuries Add Millions of Dollars to Hospital Costs
Health Tip: Medication Suggestions for Older Adults
Heath Tip: 10 Mistakes People Make in Food Preparation
Kids' Colds Linked to Asthma, Lung Problems Later
Obesity Rates Have Stopped Rising for Young Americans
Opioid ODs Have Cut Into U.S. Life Expectancy: CDC
Restaurant Rules for Weight Loss
This Mistake Can Cost Athletes' Lives in Cardiac Arrest
Youth Football Ups Odds of Brain Problems in Adulthood


Health Highlights: Sept. 18, 2017
Beat Back Mosquitos After Hurricane Irma
Big Rise in Hospitalized Kids With Opioid Side Effects
Cutting the Fat From Your Favorite Brews
Death Risk From Triathlons May Be Higher Than Thought
Do Nursing Home Workers Change Gloves Often Enough?
Doctors Eye the Danger From 'Nerf' Guns
HIV and Smoking a Lethal Combo for the Lungs
Health Tip: Design a Non-Toxic Nursery
Health Tip: Preventing Food Allergies While Dining Out
Higher Cigarette Taxes May Mean Fewer Infant Deaths
It's a Food Allergy! Where's the School Nurse?
Minorities Exposed to Dirtier Air, U.S. Study Finds
Parents Say Schools Don't Help Kids With Mental Health, Chronic Disease
Tattoo Today, Regret Tomorrow: Tips to Parents From Pediatricians
U.S. Seniors Getting Healthier, Especially When Wealthy and White


Even Teens Can Suffer Organ Damage From High Blood Pressure


Some May Need a Little Help Monitoring Blood Pressure at Home


Health Highlights: Sept. 15, 2017
Golf Carts' Use Is Spreading, and So Is Danger to Kids
Health Tip: Overcoming the Obesity Epidemic
Heath Tip: Dining Out If You Have Diabetes
Hidden Gems in Your Health Insurance Plan
Joining Your Kid on That Playground Slide? Think Again
More U.S. Kids Landing in ER With Opioid Addiction
Nearly 25 Million U.S. Workers Now Have High-Deductible Health Plans
Parents Getting Better at Using Car Seats Safely
Selena Gomez's Kidney Transplant Puts Lupus Center Stage
Skin Patch Shrinks 'Love Handles' -- in Mice
State Laws Have Big Impact on Kids' Gun Injuries
Suicidal Thoughts More Common for Transgender Youth
Surgery Can Be Trigger for Teen Opioid Abuse
When Hurricanes Strike, People Aren't the Only Victims
Young Kids With Cellphones Face a Hidden Risk


Health Highlights: Sept. 14, 2017
5 No-Calorie Hunger Busters
Aliqopa Approved for Follicular Lymphoma
App to Help Treat Substance Abuse Approved
Can Coffee or Tea Extend Survival With Diabetes?
Could Artificial Sweeteners Raise Your Diabetes Risk?
Early Onset of Pregnancy Complication May Raise Heart Risks
FDA OKs First 'Biosimilar' Drug to Fight Cancer
Health Tip: On Kids and Pets
Health Tip: Pedicure Pointers
Hurricanes' Toll on Mental Health Will Linger
Increasing Salt Intake Tied to Diabetes Risk
Mvasi Is First Biosimilar Drug Approved for Cancer
Nerve 'Zap' Treatment Could Be Alternative to CPAP for Sleep Apnea
Republicans Take Another Run at Obamacare Overhaul
Smoking, Poor Diet Lead Global Death Causes
U.S. Cancer Death Rate Continues to Fall
Vision Problems Common in Babies Infected With Zika
Which Single Behavior Best Prevents High Blood Pressure?


Health Highlights: Sept. 13, 2017
'Upside' to Diabetes Really Isn't
Could Swine Flu Be Linked to Type 1 Diabetes?
Diabetes Threatens Kidneys, Vision of Millions of Americans
Does Mother's Mental Health Affect Pregnancy?
Health Tip: Treating Sleep Apnea
Heath Tip: Contact Lenses Aren't Risk-Free
Lifestyle Tips for Better Diabetes Control
Semen Harbors Wide Range of Viruses
Surgeons Play Big Role in Women's Choices for Breast Cancer Care
Traces of Tattoo May Reach the Lymph Nodes
U.S. Military Surgeons Helped More Than 6,000 Afghan Adults
What You Can Do to Help Fight the Opioid Epidemic
Young Americans Lead Rise in Suicide Attempts


Health Highlights: Sept. 11, 2017
'Microbiomes' May Hold Key to Kids' Ear Infections
Cancer Drugs' High Prices Not Justified by Cost of Development, Study Contends
Clues to MS May Lurk in Gut Bacteria
Could Hormone Supplements for Menopause Make a Comeback?
ER Visits for These 3 Health Woes Don't Have to Happen
HPV Test Alone OK for Cervical Cancer Screening Over 30: Expert Panel
Health Tip: Leading Causes of Food Poisoning
Health Tip: Stay Safe on the Road
Hurricanes May Have Longer-Lasting Impact on Kids
Is an Occasional Drink OK During Pregnancy?
It's Time to Kick Fido Out -- of Bed, That Is
Many May Get Hospice Care Too Late
New Guideline Aims to Help Doctors Diagnose Head, Neck Masses
The Truth About Exercise and Calorie Burn
Widening Waistlines May Raise Women's Cancer Risk


Health Highlights: Sept. 11, 2017
'Healthy' Obese Still Face Higher Heart Risks
8 Ways College Women Can Protect Their Health
Do E-Cigarettes Damage Blood Vessels?
Does Study Claim a Cure? Beware of Scientific 'Spin'
Heath Tip: Getting Rid of Head Lice
Heath Tip: Myths About the Aging Brain
Immune-Focused Drug May Be New Weapon Against Advanced Melanoma
Lupus Hits Certain Groups Harder
Managing Pain Can Be a Puzzle After Breast Cancer
People Picking Up Infection From Pet Store Puppies' Poop: CDC
Regular Weigh-Ins May Help Prevent College Weight Gain
State Laws Curb Kids' Injuries Tied to Off-Road Vehicles
Take a Stand Against Sitting Too Much
The Health Risks of Long Work Weeks


Football Fans Still Loyal Despite Concerns About Players' Brains


Brown-Bagging It? Think Outside the Box


Health Highlights: Sept. 8, 2017
Breast-Feeding Linked to Lower Endometriosis Risk
Could Folic Acid Fight a Cause of Autism?
For City Kids With Asthma, Nearby Green Space Is Key
Getting Physical With a Personal Trainer
Guinea Pigs Harbor a Hidden Health Hazard
HPV Vaccine May Even Protect Women Who Never Got It
Health Tip: Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
Obamacare Paid Off for Poorer Cancer Patients
Poor Health Habits Add Up to Poor Grades for Teens
Statins May Help People With COPD Live Longer
The Best Way to Diagnose a Food Allergy
Vaccine Campaign in Poor Countries to Save 20 Million Lives


Health Highlights: Sept. 7, 2017
Acid Reflux? Try Going Vegetarian
Can a Digital Doctor Help You Sleep?
Can't Afford the Dentist? You're Not Alone
Daydreaming Behind the Wheel
Get Your Kids to Eat Smart at School
Health Tip: Fuel Your Child With a Good Breakfast
Heath Tip: Keep Up on Car Recalls
Here's the Recipe to Keep Colon Cancer at Bay
Magnetic Brain Stimulation May Quiet 'Voices' in Schizophrenia
Mom-to-Be's Antidepressants Tied to Kids' Psychiatric Woes
No Easy Road Back for Ebola Survivors
Remember This: A Healthy Body Keeps the Mind Sharp, Too
Sleep Apnea Wreaks Havoc on Your Metabolism
Sleepless Nights Plague Many Women in Middle Age
Statins Help Healthy People Lower Their 'Bad' Cholesterol
You're Only as Full as You Expect to Be


Health Highlights: Sept. 6, 2017
'Cancer Pen' Could Help Surgeons Spot Tumor Cells in Seconds
As Irma Aims for Florida, Residents Prepare for the Worst
Be Cautious Going Home After Hurricane Harvey
Health Tip: Prepare for a Hurricane
Health Tip: Suggestions for New Moms
How a Bite of a Hot Dog Threatened and Saved a Boy's Life
Long-Acting Inhaler May Help in Early Stage COPD, Too
Many Americans Getting Medical Care They Don't Need
Many Moisturizers Aren't What They Claim to Be
New 'Biologic' Drug May Help Severe Asthma
Put Flu Shot on the Back-to-School Checklist
Recession Took Toll on Health of Rural Young Blacks
Researchers Find Genes Linked to Preterm Birth
Smoking Bans Help Kids Breathe Easier
Team Sports for Kids: A Winning Combo
Uptick in U.S. Stroke Deaths Sets Off Alarms: CDC
Why Your Nose May Be Key to Parkinson's Risk


Health Highlights: Sept. 5, 2017
Could the Zika Virus Help Battle a Deadly Brain Cancer?
Drug Helped Protect Gay Teen Males From HIV
Evolution Not Over for Humans
Harvey's Wrath Still Poses Risks to Children
Hate to Work Out? Your DNA May Be to Blame
Health Tip: Kids and Type 2 Diabetes
Heath Tip: It's Back-to-School Time
Helping Kids Adapt to a New School
Is Dementia Declining Among Older Americans?
Later School Bell Could Boost U.S. Economy by $83 Billion Over Decade
Mom-to-Be's Cellphone May Not Harm Fetal Brain
New Research Finds Value in PSA Testing
Severe Psoriasis Linked to Higher Risk of Earlier Death
There May Be a Big Medical Upside to Being Short
Throat Bacteria Linked to Bone and Joint Infection in Kids
White Kids More Likely to Get Unneeded Antibiotics


Antibacterial Scrubs for Nurses No Match for Germs
Back to School, Back to Planning for Kids With Autism, ADHD
Get the Veggies, Skip the Starch
Health Tip: Avoid These Beverages to Fight Insomnia
Health Tip: Diet and Activity May Help Prevent Cancer
Marching Band Members Can Use a Physical Tuneup


Take the Back Pain Out of Backpacks


How to Prevent, and Treat, Lyme Disease in People and Pets


Health Highlights: Sept. 1, 2017
Does General Anesthesia Affect Babies' Brains?
Does Immune System Hold Clues to Preterm Births?
Dog Walking a Treat for Pet and Owner Alike
FDA OKs Return of Once-Withdrawn Leukemia Drug
Food Allergies Can Hit Your Four-Legged Friends, Too
Getting Fit as a Family
Harvey's Health Hazards Will Continue During Cleanup
Health Tip: Food Safety for College Students
Health Tip: Stay Safe During a Lightning Storm
Nasal Flu Vaccine's Demise May Mean Fewer Immunized Kids
Pediatricians Sound Alarm on Rapid Weight Changes in Young Athletes
Science Weighs in On How Fat Raises Cancer Risk
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