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Health Highlights: Oct. 31, 2014
Child's Appendix More Likely to Rupture in Regions Short of Surgeons
Generic Drugs May Help Breast Cancer Patients Stick to Therapy
Halloween at the ER Is No Treat
Health Tip: Reduce Your Risk of a Car Injury
Health Tip: Keep Certain Foods Isolated
Is Tau the 'How' Behind Alzheimer's?
Kids: An Rx for Menopause's Hot Flashes?
Make the Most of This Weekend's Time Change
Sleep Apnea May Steal Some of Your Memory: Study
Spinal Surgery Varies by Region in U.S.: Study
Study Confirms Obesity-Breast Cancer Link for Blacks, Hispanics
Study Shows How Toddlers Adjust to Adult Anger


Health Highlights: Oct. 30, 2014
'Informal Care' for Older Americans Tops $500B Annually, Study Finds
4 Steps Could Quell Ebola in West Africa, Researchers Say
Almost 1 in 5 Americans Plagued by Constant Pain, Survey Suggests
Brain Scans Yield Clues to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Eczema Tied to Bone Fracture Risk in Study
Fewer Malpractice Claims Paid in U.S.
Frailty Tied to Lower Survival Rates After Kidney Transplant
Halloween Safety Tips for Kids With Asthma
Health Tip: Dress Kids in Safe Halloween Costumes
Health Tip: Why People Seek Counseling
Leprosy Still Occurs in U.S., CDC Reports
Scientists Set Their Sights on First Whole-Eye Transplant
Study Compares 2 Common Weight-Loss Surgeries
World Bank Pledges $100M More to Fight West Africa's Ebola Outbreak
Would Alternative Payment Plan Cut Medical Bills?


Health Highlights: Oct. 29, 2014
Can Lots of Sex Protect the Prostate?
Discovery of 100-Plus Genes Tied to Autism May Improve Treatments
Ebola Outbreak in Liberia May Be Slowing: WHO
FDA Approves New Vaccine to Protect Against Meningitis
First Vaccine Approved for B Strains of Meningitis
Health Tip: Change Your Diet to Help Lower Blood Pressure
Health Tip: Driving Safely at Night
High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet May Help With Tough-to-Treat Epilepsy
Hormone Therapy May Up Heart-Related Deaths in Some Prostate Cancer Patients
Is Milk Your Friend or Foe?
Many U.S. Colleges Have Indoor Tanning Salons On, Near Campus: Study
Plastics' Chemical May Affect Baby Boys' Genital Development
Scientists Create Tiny Stomachs From Stem Cells
Stroke Prevention Guidelines Emphasize Healthy Lifestyle
Universal Helmet Laws May Help Save Young Motorcyclists
Voters' Views on Obamacare Split Along Party Lines
Women Often Ignore Signs of Heart Trouble


Health Highlights: Oct. 28, 2014
'Social Host' Laws May Help Curb Underage Drinking, Study Says
After Breast Cancer, Depression Risk Lingers
FDA Cautions Against 'Undeclared' Food Allergens
Health Tip: Cooking Can Be Challenging With Arthritis
Health Tip: Seniors Shouldn't See Exercise as a Chore
Home Blood Pressure Monitors May Occasionally Miss the Mark
Is Violent Crime in Some People's Genes?
Less Competition Among Docs = Higher Medical Costs, Study Says
Metformin Beats Other Type 2 Diabetes Drugs for First Treatment: Study
More Clues to Spotting Autism in Siblings of Those With Disorder
Playing the Field May Lower Prostate Cancer Risk: Study
Second Dallas Nurse With Ebola to Be Released From Hospital
Sleep Woes Common Among Troubled Young Children, Study Says
Very Special Delivery: Unused U.S. Surgical Supplies
Vitamin D May Not Prevent Return of Women's Infection After All
Women Less Likely to Get Kidney Dialysis Than Men, Study Finds


Health Highlights: Oct. 27, 2014
'Prehabilitation' Before Colon Cancer Surgery May Aid Recovery
Brain Injuries in Older Age Could Boost Dementia Risk, Study Finds
CDC Clarifies Treatment Policies for Ebola Workers
Colleges Could Do More for Students With Chronic Ills, Study Finds
Even Depression May Not Dim Thoughts of Bright Future
For a Child's Fracture, Use Ibuprofen, Not Morphine: Study
Health Tip: Get Kids Outdoors
Health Tip: Use Sidewalks When Trick-or-Treating
More Kids Harmed by Drinking in Pregnancy Than Expected, Study Reports
N.Y., N.J. Ease Ebola Quarantines
Obese Children With Leukemia Fared Worse in Study
Placebo Treatment May Quiet Kids' Cough
Prescription Painkillers Fueling Overdose Cases in ERs, Study Finds
Type 1 Diabetes Increasing Among White American Kids
Virus Present at Birth Causes More Than 10 Percent of Hearing-Loss Cases in Kids


New York, New Jersey to Quarantine All Travelers With Ebola Contacts
Special Cocoa Drink May Improve Age-Related Memory Loss


New York, New Jersey to Quarantine All Travelers With Ebola Contacts
Tips for Safe Trick-or-Treating


Health Highlights: Oct. 24, 2014
Brief Interruption of Blood Supply to Limb Might Aid Heart Surgery: Study
Cadavers Beat Computers as Med School Teaching Tool, Study Finds
Childhood Peanut Allergy May Be Linked to Skin Gene Mutation
Could Air Pollutants Raise a Child's Autism Risk?
Dark Days Here for Folks With Seasonal Depression
Few U.S. Hospitals Ready to Handle Ebola, Survey Finds
Health Tip: Watch the Road on Halloween
Health Tip: When Your Child Needs to Lose Weight
Knowing Genetic Risk for Cancer May Not Change Behavior
Multiple Drug Use Raises Infection Risk for 'Swinging' Couples
New Treatment Approved for Rare Form of Hemophilia
Nurse Nina Pham Declared 'Free' of Ebola Virus
Osteoporosis Screening Guidelines May Miss Younger Women at Risk
Researchers Say Antibiotics in Fish a Health Concern
Sleep Duration Linked to Ulcerative Colitis Risk in Study
Studies Link Cold Sore Virus to Alzheimer's Risk
Teens Who Dine With Their Families May Be Slimmer Adults


Health Highlights: Oct. 23, 2014
'Exposure Therapy' May Relieve Prolonged Grief Disorder
Airborne Transmission of Ebola Highly Unlikely, Experts Say
As Pot Use Rises, Teens' Grades May Fall: Study
Beware Claims That Activated Charcoal Can Cure Gut Troubles
Disease Severity in One Eye May Predict Progression in the Other
Doctors Often Unaware Their Patients Have Catheters
Experts Predict 'Catastrophic' Ebola Epidemic in West Africa If Aid Delayed
Gene Scan Helps Diagnose Mystery Disorders in Children
Gestational Diabetes May Influence Daughter's Weight Later
Health Tip: Coping With Chronic Pain
Health Tip: Using a Pacifier to Soothe Baby
Nearly 1 in 3 U.S. Babies Delivered by C-Section, Study Finds
Study Finds Kidney Stones Linked to Weakened Bones
Teen Conflicts Spill Over to Other Areas of Their Lives


Health Highlights: Oct. 22, 2014
All U.S. Residents Returning From Ebola-Stricken Countries to Be Tracked, CDC Says
Americans Show Distrust of Medical Profession in Survey
Controversial Chemical May Leach Into Skin From Cash Receipts
Depression After Heart Attack May Be More Common for Women
Discussing Ebola: Children Feel Safe, Calm When Adults Do, Too
Fertility Treatments Aren't Significantly Linked to Birth Defects
Health Tip: Anxiety Can Affect Your Health
Health Tip: Breast-feeding With Diabetes
Hospital Study Offers Solutions to 'Alarm Fatigue'
Many Americans in Debt, Bankruptcy Paying for Cancer Care
Mutations Linked to Blood Cancers Rise With Age, Study Shows
Recalled Supplements Linger on U.S. Store Shelves, Study Finds
Seniors Should Remove Dentures at Bedtime
Sleep Apnea Gear Doesn't Squelch Sex Life, Study Says
Study Finds U.S. Diets Still Contain Too Many Bad Fats
Taking a 'Selfie' May Help With Dermatology Care, Study Shows
U.S. Ranks Last Among Wealthy Nations in Access to Health Care
Weight-Loss Surgery May Raise Risk of Severe Headaches, Scientists Report
Where Ebola Battles Are Won
Y Chromosome Loss May Predict Earlier Death for Men


Health Highlights: Oct. 21, 2014
Binge Drinking May Boost Blood Pressure in Young Men
Black Women Fare Worse With Fertility Treatments, Study Says
CDC Tightens Rules on Caring for Ebola Patients
Cameraman Treated for Ebola Now 'Free' of the Virus
Ebola Anxiety: A Bigger Threat Now Than the Virus Itself
Ebola Vaccines May Be Deployed in West Africa by January, Officials Say
Experimental Infertility Treatment Seems Effective, Cheaper
Gene May Help Shield Hispanic Women From Breast Cancer, Study Says
Health Tip: Dish Up Healthier Halloween Goodies
Health Tip: Snacking After School
Living With a Smoker Like Living in a Polluted City: Study
Research Shows No Link Between Vaccinations, Risk for Multiple Sclerosis
Tall, Heavy 1-Year-Olds May Be at Risk for Obesity Later, Study Finds
Teen Sisters Develop Ways to Measure Lung, Heart Damage
Tire Company Sets Standard for Ebola Care in Liberia: CDC
Traffic Pollution May Be a Risk While Pregnant
Use Chia Seeds With Caution, Researcher Warns


Health Highlights: Oct. 20, 2014
'Desensitized' Parents Let Kids Watch More Movie Violence, Sex
Airport Screening in West Africa Will Curb Ebola's Spread: Study
As U.S. Economy Worsened, Vasectomy Rates Rose, Study Finds
Circumcision Past Newborn Stage Poses Risk for Boys, Study Finds
Dozens in Dallas Said to Be Free of Ebola Risk
Ebola or Not? Rapid Test for the Virus Not Here Yet
For Infertility Treatment, Should He Drink Less Coffee, More Booze?
Goodbye to Reading Glasses?
Health Tip: Listen to Your Child About Food Allergies
Health Tip: Trouble Sleeping During Pregnancy
Herceptin Boosts Survival for Breast Cancer, Study Reports
Medication Errors Occur Every 8 Minutes in U.S. Children
Mouse Study Suggests Antibiotics May Aid Salmonella's Spread in Animals
Parkinson's Drugs May Spur Compulsive Behaviors
Pricey Hepatitis Drug a Good Bet in U.S. Prisons, Study Says
Regular Doctor Visits Help Control Blood Pressure, Study Says
Some Lung Patients Buy Cigarettes Along With Meds at Pharmacies: Study


Cruise Ship Passenger Linked to Ebola Back on Shore
Scientists Grow, Implant Human Intestinal Tissue in Mice


Dieters May Be Thwarted by Absence of Healthy Foods
Obama Urges Calm in Ebola Scare, Opposes Travel Ban


Health Highlights: Oct. 17, 2014
Athletic Trainers' Group Advises Heart Tests for Young Athletes
Dads Face Guilt About Workouts, Just Like Moms Do
Family Acceptance Key to Curbing Teen Suicides, Study Shows
Frequent Dining Out Might Widen Your Waistline, Study Finds
Health Tip: Enjoy Your Coffee, But ...
Health Tip: Watch Your Family's Portion Sizes
Obama Considers Naming an 'Ebola Czar'
Older Antibiotic Still Works Against Staph Infections, Study Finds
Peak Pain Level Main Factor in Negative Childbirth Memories: Study
Tonsillectomy Complications May Be More Likely in Poor, Minority Kids
Two-Pronged Program Looks Best for Helping Smokers Quit
U.S. Kids Use ADHD Meds More During School Year
Upbeat Walking Style Might Lift Your Mood
Vitamin D Might Help Kids With Eczema
WHO Admits Botched Response to Ebola in Africa


Health Highlights: Oct. 16, 2014
'To Burn Off Calories in This Soda, Walk 5 Miles'
1st Dallas Nurse With Ebola Headed to NIH Facility in Maryland
Detergent Pods Pose Risk to Kids' Eyes, Researchers Warn
ER Visits Linked to Synthetic Pot More Than Double, Report Finds
Ebola Nurse From Dallas Transferred to Atlanta Medical Center
Esbriet, Ofev Approved to Treat Deadly Lung Disease
Gut Microbes Tied to Jet Lag, Shift-Work Weight Gain
Health Tip: Pain in the Foot?
Health Tip: Teach Kids About Pedestrian Safety
Healthy Lifestyle May Boost Breast Cancer Survival
If You Do Gain Weight, Polyunsaturated Fats May Prevent Some Damage
More Evidence That Exercise May Help Fight Depression
Most Kindergartners Are Getting Their Shots: CDC
Obesity and Depression Often Twin Ills, Study Finds
Teens Still Sending Naked Pictures Via Cellphone
U.S. Health Officials Resist Ban on Travel From West Africa


Health Highlights: Oct. 15, 2014
Are U.S. Hospitals Prepared for Ebola?
Family Support Tied to Safer Sex for Young Gay Males: Study
For Ebola, No New Drugs Riding to the Rescue -- for Now
Health Tip: Installing a Child's Car Seat
Health Tip: Take a Nap
Heroism Seems to Be a Spontaneous Act
Immune Therapy Induces Remission for Many With a Tough-to-Treat Blood Cancer
Is 'Slow and Steady' Weight Loss Really the Best Approach?
Just Try Getting an Appointment With a Psychiatrist
Limiting Malpractice Claims May Not Curb Costly Medical Tests
Medicare Subsidy Helps Breast Cancer Patients Afford Treatment
Parenthood May Push Cancer Patients to Seek More Treatment
Psoriasis Tied to Raised Risk of Uncontrolled Blood Pressure
Second Health Care Worker in Dallas Tests Positive for Ebola
Teen Girls May Face Greater Risk of Depression
Texas Health Care Worker With Ebola Took Commercial Flight on Monday: CDC


Health Highlights: Oct. 14, 2014
Allergy to Some Metal Implants Linked to Rare Skin Cancer, Study Says
Another Study Links Mediterranean Diet to Better Heart Health
CDC Monitoring 76 Hospital Workers in Dallas for Ebola Exposure
Could Vitamin D Make Childbirth Less Painful?
Early Study Points to Diabetes Drug Controlled by Light
Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Shows Long-Term Effectiveness, Safety
Exercise May Not Ward Off Teen Depression
Health Tip: Know the Risk Factors for Osteoporosis
Health Tip: Signs You May Have Low Blood Pressure
Lowly House Fly's Gene Map Causes Buzz
More Kids Using ERs for Medical Care, Researchers Say
Nearly 1 in 20 Cancer Patients Die Within Month of Surgery: Study
Post-Op Pain Management Improves in Past Decade, Survey Shows
Race Doesn't Affect Obesity's Toll on Health
Repetitive Pitching May Cause Teens Serious Shoulder Problems
Risks From Epidural, Spinal Anesthesia Very Low, Study Says
Salamanders May Hold Clues to Human Scar Healing
Urinary Prosthetic Device for Women Approved


Health Highlights: Oct. 13, 2014
Anesthetic During Breast-Removal Surgery May Reduce Long-Term Pain
Broccoli Compound Shows Promise for Autism Symptoms in Small Study
Calm, Positive Family Meals May Help Keep Kids Slim
Drug-Coated Balloon Catheter Approved
Eating Disorders May Start in Elementary School
Health Officials Reviewing Ebola Treatment Procedures at Dallas Hospital
Health Tip: Get the Facts About Gum Disease
Health Tip: Strained Hamstring?
Obesity May Speed Aging of the Liver, Study Suggests
Sleeping on Sofa Can Be Deadly for Babies, Study Finds
Smoking-Related Illnesses in U.S. Total 14 Million, Report Finds
Stress Affects Women, Men With Heart Disease Differently, Study Shows
Sudden Cardiac Death a Risk for Women Living Near Major Roads: Study
Young Caregivers Risk Failing in School, Study Says


Anesthesia Complications Drop by Half, Study Finds
Chewing Gum Before Surgery Safe: Report
Scientists Inch Closer to Alzheimer's Origins
Texas Health Care Worker Tests Positive for Ebola in Preliminary Check
Texas Hospital Worker Tests Positive for Ebola


Keep It Clean After Ear Piercings
New York's JFK Airport Begins Screening Passengers for Ebola


Health Highlights: Oct. 10, 2014
Akynzeo Approved for Side Effects of Chemotherapy
Americans Increasingly Anxious About Ebola: Poll
Coaches Don't Always Protect Young Pitchers' Arms: Study
Common Childhood Vaccine Cuts 'Superbug' Infection: Study
Even Decaf Coffee May Help the Liver
Harvoni Approved for Chronic Hepatitis C
Health Tip: Relieving Pain During Delivery
Health Tip: Wearing High Heels
Healthy Habits Might Reduce Your Colon Cancer Risk
Hearing Their Own Babble Helps Babies Learn to Speak: Study
High Cholesterol Tied to Prostate Cancer's Return in Study
Many Parents Need to Educate Themselves About Concussions
Peers Best at Convincing High-Risk Individuals to Get HIV Test: Study
Study Finds Many Newborns Have Risky First Ride Home From Hospital
Those Little Gas Spills When You Fill Up May Harm the Environment
Today's Teens Can Be Adept Multitaskers, Study Suggests
U.S. Troops Arrive in Ebola-Ravaged Liberia


Health Highlights: Oct. 9, 2014
Body May Change Bad Fat to Good After Exposure to Cold
Contact Sports Boost Spread of 'Superbug' Germs, Study Says
Fried Foods Linked to Raised Risk of Diabetes in Pregnancy
Health Tip: Enjoy the Fruits (and Veggies) of Autumn
Health Tip: Teach Kids to Live Healthier
Impotence Drug Might Counter Common Gene Mutation in Type 2 Diabetes: Study
Kids May Leave Hospital Sooner When Antibiotics Are Controlled
Less Than Half of HIV-Positive U.S. Hispanics Are Getting Proper Care
Lung Cancer May Lie Dormant for 2 Decades
Medicines Are Biggest Culprit in Fatal Allergic Reactions: Study
Potential Clue to Ebola Treatments Uncovered, Researchers Say
Rely on Mom-to-Be When Epidural Is Needed
Stem Cell Success Raises Hopes of Type 1 Diabetes Cure
Study Finds Hospital Patients Don't Wash Their Hands Enough
West African Leaders Plead for More Ebola Aid


Health Highlights: Oct. 8, 2014
Chain Restaurants Cutting Calories
Dallas Ebola Patient Has Died, Hospital Says
Five Major U.S. Airports to Screen Travelers From West Africa for Ebola
Gene Therapy Shows Potential for 'Bubble Boy' Disease
Health Tip: Reduce Your Risk of Exercise Injury
Health Tip: Is Stress Keeping You Awake?
Healthy Lifestyle Choices May Cut Women's Stroke Risk
Infection Rates in Nursing Homes on the Rise: Study
Laxative Type Might Influence Colon Cancer Risk, Study Finds
Low-Income Adults Favor Medicaid Expansion, Survey Finds
New Prosthetic Hands Restore Sense of Touch to Amputees
Obese Kids May Show Early Signs of Heart Trouble
Schools Key to Reaching Kids With Mental Health Needs, Experts Say
Sitting Around in Middle Age Doesn't Bode Well for Old Age
Technology Helps 'Locked-In' Stroke Patient Communicate
U.S. Life Expectancy Hits Record High of Nearly 79 Years: CDC
Woman's Thyroid Tumor Yields Clues on How to Battle Cancer


Health Highlights: Oct. 7, 2014
As Culture Changed, So Did Melanoma Risk, Study Finds
Certain Meds, Driving Can Be Deadly Mix: FDA
Dallas Ebola Patient on Ventilator, Getting Dialysis
Despite Proper Cleaning, Endoscopes May Pass on E. coli
Health Risks After Stroke May Linger for at Least 5 Years: Study
Health Tip: Tight Shoes May Be Damaging Your Feet
Health Tip: Troubled by High Triglycerides?
Hospitals' High Antibiotic Use May Boost Germs' Resistance: Study
MRI May Spot Early Signs of Mental Decline, Study Finds
Ovarian Cancer DNA Detected in Vaginal Fluid, Researchers Report
Scientists Aim to Improve Vaccines Against 'Bird Flu'
Screen Everyone Over 45 for Diabetes: U.S. Task Force
Some People Are Born Java Junkies, Study Suggests
Teens With Cerebral Palsy Report High Quality of Life in Survey
Tobacco Tied to Higher Risk of Oral HPV Infection, Study Finds
U.S. Traffic Accidents Send 2.5 Million to ERs Each Year, CDC Says
Using Social Media to Manage Your Moods?


Health Highlights: Oct. 6, 2014
Addiction Treatment Key to Curbing Violence in Mentally Ill: Study
Cancer Diagnosis Can Take Toll on Mental Health, Study Finds
Docs More Likely to Prescribe Unneeded Antibiotics Later in Day: Study
EPA Wants Less Dental Mercury Entering Environment
Ebola-Infected Newsman Arrives at Nebraska Hospital
Fetal Exposure to Plastics Chemical Tied to Breathing Ills in Kids
Genes May Play Big Role in Academic Success, Study Suggests
Health Tip: Encouraging Your Toddlers to Read
Health Tip: Reducing the Risk of Premature Delivery
Heart Bypass Patients May Not Need Tight Blood Sugar Control: Study
It's Confirmed: You Have Parents to Thank (or Blame) for Your Height
Marriage Break-Up Rates Similar for Gay, Straight Couples: Study
Officials Report First Confirmed Child Death Due to Enterovirus D68
Report Claims Success Treating Alzheimer's Memory Loss
Taller People May Have Lower Risk of Esophageal Cancer: Study
Teen 'Sexting' Often Precedes Actual Sex, Study Finds
The Heavier Your Fellow Diners, the More You May Eat


Ebola Patient in Dallas Hospital Takes Turn for Worse: CDC


No New Ebola Infections in Dallas: CDC
Steep Drops in Weight May Raise Risks After Body-Contour Surgeries


Health Highlights: Oct. 3, 2014
Certain Autoimmune Drugs in Pregnancy May Up Newborn Infection Risk: Study
Docs Offer Advice for Combating Respiratory Virus That's Striking Kids
Drinking Water Contaminant Linked to Pregnancy Complications in Study
Drug Addiction Seen as 'Moral Failing,' Survey Finds
Ebola Focus Shrinks to About 50 People in Texas
Gout May Be Linked to Raised Diabetes Risk: Study
Health Tip: Are You at a Healthy Weight?
Health Tip: Exercise With Weights
More Women Having Reconstruction Surgery After Breast Cancer Treatment
No Testosterone Therapy for Healthy Women, New Guidelines State
Pets Really Are Like People's Children, Brain Scans Suggest
Standard Treatment for Underactive Thyroid Gland Still Best: Experts
Study Compares Insulin Regimens for Type 1 Diabetes
The Obese Are Frequent Targets for Cyberbullies
Weight-Loss Surgery May Not Always Help With Depression


Health Highlights: Oct. 2, 2014
2nd Baby 'Cured' of HIV Suffers Relapse
2nd Possible Ebola Patient Being Monitored in Texas
42 States Reporting Respiratory Virus That Targets Kids
About 100 People Being Monitored for Ebola in Texas
Aerobic Exercise May Boost Quality of Life for Dialysis Patients
Bro Alert: Too Much Booze May Harm Your Sperm
Cancer Treatments in Pregnancy Safe for Offspring, Small Studies Find
HIV May Have Emerged in Congo in 1920s: Study
Health Tip: Choosing Mouth-Healthy Foods
Health Tip: If Your Child's Grades Are Dropping
Heroin Overdose Deaths Doubled in Much of U.S.: CDC Study
Human Brain's Cerebellum Evolved at Surprising Speed, Study Finds
Mini-Strokes May Lead to PTSD, Study Finds
Most Who Abuse Painkillers Are Unprepared If Overdose Strikes: Study
Smoke-Free Subsidized Housing Could Save Nearly $500 Million
Study Compares Tissue-Based or Mechanical Replacement Heart Valves
Study Shows Benefits of Building Baby's Language Skills Early


Health Highlights: Oct. 1, 2014
'High-Intensity' Hospitals Save More Elderly After Surgery: Study
A Little Booze Does Get Men Smiling, Study Confirms
CDC Monitoring Those Who Had Contact With Ebola Patient
Could a Fading Sense of Smell Point to Earlier Death?
Experimental Cervical Cancer Vaccine Looks Promising in Trial
Free, Long-Acting Contraceptives May Greatly Reduce Teen Pregnancy Rate
Genes May Make Some More Prone to Heart Disease When Under Stress
Health Tip: Help Prevent Acne Scars
Health Tip: Plan Ahead for Healthy Dinners
Healthy Lifestyle Before Pregnancy May Cut Gestational Diabetes Risk
Infant's Early Diet Doesn't Change Celiac Disease Risk, Study Finds
Jealous, Moody Women May Face Higher Alzheimer's Risk, Study Says
Kids With Autism Tend to Be Less Active, Study Says
Living Near a Highway May Be Bad for Your Blood Pressure
New Clues to How Colds Can Spur Asthma Attacks
Oncologists' Group Calls for Measures to Curb Obesity-Related Cancers
Preterm Birth, Pneumonia Leading Causes of Death for Children Under 5
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