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Phone-Focused Parents a Danger to Their Kids at Playground
Teens With History of Self-Poisoning Face Greater Suicide Risk
Young Brains May Gain Skills When Parents Read to Kids


Health Highlights: April 24, 2015
2nd U.S. Ice Cream Maker Pulls All Products After Listeria Threat
Baby Swings, Car Seats Not Safe for Sleeping
Childhood Abuse, Neglect Linked to High Blood Pressure in Adulthood
Childhood Self-Control Linked to Better Job Prospects Later in Life
Cigars Pose Dangers Similar to Cigarettes
Could Blowing Your Horn Cut Your Odds for Sleep Apnea?
Daily Aspirin Taken by More Than Half of Older U.S. Adults
Drug-Related HIV Outbreak Spurs Nationwide Alert
Health Tip: Get Active During Summer
Health Tip: Preparing Your Child for Camp
Health Visits May Offer Chance to Prevent Suicide
Late-Life Transition Like Bruce Jenner's Full of Challenges, Rewards, Experts Say
Prices of MS Drugs Soaring, Study Finds
Wider Use of Naloxone Could Cut Deaths From Drug Overdoses: CDC


Health Highlights: April 23, 2015
Antibiotic Shortages On the Rise in U.S.
Ebola Outbreak May Have Led to Almost 11,000 Additional Malaria Deaths: Study
Foods That Help Keep the Pounds Off as You Age
Genes May Determine Whether You're Mosquito Bait
Health Tip: Are You at Risk for Hip Strain?
Heroin Use Levels Off in U.S., But Still High: Report
Impotence Drugs Don't Fix All Sexual Concerns: Study
Malaria Vaccine Shows Promise in Shielding African Children
Many Breast Cancer Patients Still Opt for Mastectomy Over Lump Removal
Moderate Drinking May Be Less Beneficial for Blacks
Orthopedist Offers Tips for Preventing Shoulder Injuries
Ovary Removal Reduces Breast Cancer Death in BRCA1 Carriers: Study
Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac Rashes Can Be Serious
Smog May Be Harming Your Brain
Why Ringing in the Ears May Be Hard to Treat


Health Highlights: April 22, 2015
Ban Flavoring, Ads for E-Cigarettes, Doctors' Group Says
Bird Flu Poses Little Threat to People: CDC
Chronic Migraines Take Big Toll on Families, Survey Finds
Could Weak Bones, Sudden Hearing Loss Be Linked?
Depression Tied to Worse Outcomes for Black Patients With Heart Failure
Ebola Treatment Shows Promise in Monkey Study
Gene May Play Part in How Kids Respond to Asthma Meds: Study
Gene Therapy Shows Promise for Rare Immune Disorder
Health Tip: Dealing With Bedtime Anxiety
Health Tip: Manage Weight-Loss Goals
Most Adults Don't Support Medical Marijuana for Kids, Poll Finds
New Technology Tests Tumors Inside the Patient to Find Best Treatment
Statins Carry Some Risk for Seniors, Study Suggests
Vaccine Spurs Immune Response to Fight Aggressive Cancers in Mice


Health Highlights: April 21, 2015
5.3 Million Chickens To Be Killed After Bird Flu Outbreak at Iowa Farm
Another Study Finds No Vaccine-Autism Link
Babies May Be More Sensitive to Pain Than Adults
Could High-Dose Insulin Prevent Type 1 Diabetes in High-Risk Kids?
Diabetes Drug May Not Guard Against Pancreatic Cancer
FDA Weighs Tighter Regulation of Homeopathic Medicines
For Earth Day, Turn Off the Faucet and the Ignition
Freedom to Fidget Helps Kids With ADHD Learn: Study
Health Tip: Have a Happy Family Meal
Health Tip: Manage Allergies in the Bedroom
Ice Cream Maker Pulls All Products After Listeria Outbreak
Many Young Adults With Autism Face Unemployment, Isolation
Mindfulness-Based Therapy as Good as Meds for Depression, Study Says
More Kids With Type 1 Diabetes Facing Dangerous Complication
Some Arthritis Meds Cost Seniors Thousands Annually
Study Supports HPV Vaccination Guidelines
Training Programs for Parents Tied to Better Behavior in Kids With Autism


Health Highlights: April 20, 2015
'Tamper-Proof' Narcotic Painkiller May Be Curbing Abuse: Study
Adults With Congenital Heart Trouble Need Follow-Up, Experts Say
Antibiotics May Be Overused in Many Neonatal ICUs, Study Finds
Black Women More Likely to Have Dense Breast Tissue, Study Shows
FDA Warns of Bogus Botox
Health Tip: Live Healthier to Help Prevent Osteoporosis
Health Tip: Prevent Toenail Fungus
Immune-Focused Drugs Show Promise Against Melanoma
Income May Affect Survival After Lung Cancer Surgery
Mammograms a Personal Decision for Women in Their 40s, Panel Says
Many Smokers Try to Quit After Cancer Diagnosis
Medical Groups Issue Guidelines for Treating First Seizure
Pets Can Spread Infections to People: Review
Swallowing Pills? Children Can Learn How
Treating Sleep Apnea May Help Those With Heart Rhythm Disorder
U.S. Breast Cancer Cases Could Rise 50 Percent by 2030


Aspirin May Help Ward Off Gastro Cancers, Study Finds
Drug Shows Early Promise for Advanced Lung Cancer


Safety Tips Hot Off the Grill


Health Highlights: April 17, 2015
1 in 3 Teen Boys Sexually Assaulted Tries Suicide, Study Finds
Brain Scans Give Clues to Link Between Alzheimer's, Down Syndrome
California Declares Measles Outbreak Over
For Breast-Feeding Moms, Tips on Eating for Two
Gene Variation Could Spur Longer Smoking, Earlier Cancer
Health Tip: Applying Artificial Nails
Health Tip: Cut Down on Stress
Higher Altitude States Have Fewer Kids With ADHD, Study Reveals
Migraines Often Undiagnosed, Doctor Says
Remote Amazon Tribe Members Have Greater Germ Diversity in Their Bodies
Salt Pills Do Little for Endurance Athletes: Study
Spring Allergy Season Could Be a Bloomin' Nightmare
Stronger Muscles = Healthier Bones in Kids
U.S. Boy's Death Highlights Rare Mosquito-Borne Infection
Women With Grandkids May Leave Workforce Sooner


Health Highlights: April 16, 2015
Americans' Gut Bacteria Lack Diversity, Researchers Find
Calif. Measles Outbreak May Be Coming to a Close
Combat Deployment Just One Factor That May Cause Smoking
Corlanor Approved for Chronic Heart Failure
Dog Flu Outbreak Unleashes Warnings From Veterinarians
Dog-Transmitted Rabies Kills 160 People a Day Worldwide: Study
E-Cigarette Use Triples Among U.S. Teens in 1 Year
E-Cigarettes May Not Help Smokers Quit Tobacco, Study Finds
Generic Copaxone Approved for Multiple Sclerosis
Genes May Be Tied to Cardiac Arrest Risk in Dialysis Patients
Health Tip: Measure Your Child's Height and Weight Correctly
Health Tip: Too Much Alcohol Can Affect Muscle Mass
Humans Can't Resist Those Puppy-Dog Eyes
More Evidence of Long-Term Illness in 9/11 Responders
New Synthetic Drug 'Flakka' Triggers Crazed Behaviors
Obesity Linked to Greater Risk of Prostate Cancer in Blacks, Study Says
Roundworm Parasite Targets Canine Eyes
Substance Abuse Reported by About 1 in 10 American Workers
Walking Boosts Outcomes for Prostate Cancer Survivors


Health Highlights: April 15, 2015
1 in 10 U.S. Teens Has Tried Hashish
About 1 in 10 Kids Tries E-Cigarettes
Americans Get Too Many Tests Before Cataract Surgery, Study Finds
Cancer Gene Tests Should Include Healthy Tissue, Too: Study
Chemicals in Some Flavored E-Cigs Exceed Recommended Limits: Study
Chemo for Breast Cancer Erases Woman's Fingerprints
Child's Popularity May Rely on Understanding Others
College Kids Text on Dates, in Shower, at Funerals: Survey
Could Taking Acetaminophen Dull Your Happiness?
Depression Plus Diabetes May Boost Dementia Risk
Doctors Often Ignore Parents' Concerns About Autism in Young Kids: Study
Father's Sperm May Hold Clues to Autism Risk
Health Tip: Practice Fire Safety Around the Grill
Health Tip: When Pollen Counts are High
Heavy Snoring, Apnea Tied to Earlier Brain Troubles
Here's Why Your Knuckles Crack
Inhaled Measles Vaccine Falls Short of Injected Version in Study


Health Highlights: April 14, 2015
Blood Thinners Overprescribed for Low-Risk Irregular Heartbeat: Study
Brain's Visual Center Similar in Sighted and Those Blind From Birth
Depression, Insomnia, Fatigue Are the Stuff of Nightmares
Divorce Tied to Higher Chance of Heart Attack in Study
Ebola Vaccine Trial Begins in Sierra Leone: CDC
Ebola Virus Evolving, But Isn't Getting Deadlier, Study Says
Health Tip: Exercising With Knee Problems
Health Tip: Using Insect Repellent
Is Gestational Diabetes Linked to Autism?
New Drug Shows Promise for MS
New Specialty Medicines Drive Up Drug Spending
Pharmacists Key to Whether Patients Take Blood Thinners
Pot Plus Booze Doubles Odds for Drunk Driving, Study Says
To Protect Your Aging Brain, Start With Exercise
Unauthorized Breaches of Medical Records on the Rise


Health Highlights: April 13, 2015
A Grateful Heart May Be a Healthy Heart
Bone-Building Drug Strengthened Hips, Spines of Frail Women in Study
Boozing in Movies May Boost Teen Drinking
Breath Test Might Spot Stomach Cancer Risk
Genes May Make 'Placebo Effect' Stronger for Some, Study Says
Health Tip: Spring Into Health With Seasonal Foods
Health Tip: Use a Trampoline Safely
Kids With Type 1 Diabetes Face Much Higher Hospitalization Rates
Know the Signs of Child Abuse
Liquid Medical Marijuana Shows Promise Against Severe Epilepsy
Muscle Strength Helps Baseball Pitchers Avoid Injury
Narcotic Painkillers in Pregnancy Common, Harmful to Baby: Study
Not Interested in School? Maybe They're Born That Way
Tan Skin Is Damaged Skin
U.S. Agrees to Help Launch 'African CDC'
Weight-Control Myths Keep Many U.S. Women Smoking


The Inside Dish on Barbecue Safety


Sea Creatures Getting Bigger Over Time


Health Highlights: April 10, 2015
Ear Infections Common, But Often Missed, in Infants
Ease Back Into Springtime Sports, Doctor Cautions
Family Stress May Figure in Soldiers' Suicide Risk
Health Tip: Common Causes of Foot Arthritis
Health Tip: Prevent Injury on the Golf Course
Limiting Innings Pitched Doesn't Prevent Injuries: Study
Medical Costs Hit Residents of Texas, Florida Especially Hard, Study Finds
Number of Uninsured Adults Decreasing Under Obamacare
Recalls of Ice Cream, Hummus Spur Listeria Warnings
Smartphones Could Be Early Warning System for Earthquakes
Stem Cells, Fecal Transplants Show Promise for Crohn's Disease
Too Few Kids With Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy Get Flu Shot: Study


Health Highlights: April 9, 2015
Asthma Rates Similar Among Black Children in Urban, Rural Areas: Study
Brain Scans May Predict Language Skills in Kids With Autism
Contagious Leukemia Killing East Coast Clams
Could Obesity Help Protect Against Dementia?
Facelifts May Make Women Seem More Likable, Study Suggests
Fewer U.S. Children Getting Melanoma: Study
Health Tip: Enjoy Nature, But Beware of Wildlife
Health Tip: Five Steps to Prevent Cavities in Kids
Many U.S. Shoppers Choose Low-Salt Fare
Migraine Drug May Up Risk of Eating Disorders in Some Teens
Scientists Map DNA of Endangered Mountain Gorillas
Study Yields Genetic Insights Into Pancreatic Cancer
Women Born Early at Greater Risk of Delivering Preemies, Study Suggests
Work-Related Asthma Affects Millions of U.S. Adults: CDC
Young Adults Respond to Graphic Cigarette Warnings


Health Highlights: April 8, 2015
1 in 10 Americans Has Anger Issues and Access to Guns: Survey
1 in 5 Medicare Patients Faces Delay in Melanoma Surgery: Study
18th Century Mummies Reveal How TB Spread Through Europe
Antibody Holds Promise as Weapon Against HIV
Arts, Crafts, Socializing May Buoy the Aging Brain
Black Women Less Likely to Struggle With Depression Than Whites: Survey
Cheap Allergy Drug May Hold Potential as Hepatitis C Treatment
Family Stress Linked to Teen Obesity in Study
Genes May Leave Short People Prone to Heart Disease
Health Tip: Doing Yard Work
Health Tip: Recognize Signs of Bullying
Ingredient in MS, Psoriasis Drugs Linked to Two Deadly Brain Infections
Long-Distance Runners May Have More 'Desirable' Genes: Study
Older Donated Blood Safe for Heart Surgery Patients, Study Finds
Researchers Create One-Dose Ebola Vaccine
Stroke Patients May Face Increased Risk of Suicide
Study Probes Use of MRI to Spot Pancreatic Cancer in High-Risk Patients


Health Highlights: April 7, 2015
Alcoholics Face Greater Death Risk When Hospitalized
Are Heart Surgery Patients Losing Too Much Blood to Tests?
As the Weather Warms, Avoid Gardening's Pitfalls
Be Careful With That Eyeliner
Genes Linked to Breast, Ovarian Cancers Act Differently in Each Woman: Study
Health Tip: Should I Worry About My Child's Weight?
Health Tip: Wash Your Face Correctly
In Rare Cases, Kids Can Get Food Allergies From Donated Blood
Lonely Seniors Visit Doctors More Often
Many Very Ill Patients Choose 'Next of Kin' Who Aren't, Study Finds
Physical Therapy Equals Surgery for Certain Lower Back Pain, Study Says
Placenta Test Measures Babies' Exposure to Arsenic
Pouch in Heart May Trigger Unexplained Strokes: Study
Teen Use of Long-Term Contraception Rising, But Remains Low
Uninsured May Face Much Higher Charges for Cancer Drugs


Health Highlights: April 6, 2015
Breast Cancer Patients Concerned About Genetic Risk, Survey Finds
Breast Milk Bought Online Might Contain Cow's Milk, Study Finds
Cooling After Cardiac Arrest May Help Preserve Brain Function
Costlier Breast Cancer Treatments Linked to Better Survival
Fit at 50? Cardiac Arrest During Exercise Unlikely, Study Finds
Health Tip: Add Exercise to Your Family's Regular Routine
Health Tip: Diabetics Who Compete
Higher Alcohol Taxes May Lead to Fewer Drunk-Driving Deaths: Study
Leg Artery Procedure May Be Overused in Nursing Homes, Study Finds
New Guidelines Would Greatly Boost Number of Young People on Statins
New Test Helps Diagnose Delayed Stomach Emptying
Older Execs Bring Pluses, Minuses to the Job
Regular, Vigorous Exercise May Lengthen Your Life: Study
Teens Seen in ERs for Assault at Risk for Later Gun Violence: Study
Tobacco Smoke Strengthens 'Superbug,' Lab Research Finds
Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig Beat Other Commercial Diet Plans, Study Finds


Education Doesn't Guarantee Happiness


Year-Round Baseball Leads to More Youth Injuries, Study Says


Health Highlights: April 3, 2015
Breast Cancer Surgery Now Often Involves Fewer Lymph Nodes
Childhood Trauma May Raise Odds of Asthma
Doctor's Advice May Help Prompt Weight Loss
Easter Doesn't Have to Be a Diet Disaster
Exercise Might Boost Mental Function in People With Schizophrenia
Faster, Taller Youth League Pitchers May Face Greater Risk of Injury
HIV-Infected People Often Do Well After Kidney Transplant
Health Tip: Make Healthier Choices When Ordering Pizza
Health Tip: Simplify Bedtime With the 4 B's
Signs of Anxiety Might Cost You That Job
Surprises Help Babies Learn, Research Finds
Texting Bans Tied to Drop in Car Crash Injuries
Urine Isn't Free of Bacteria
Violent Video Games Don't Influence Kids' Behavior: Study


Health Highlights: April 2, 2015
Belief That Moon Influences Hospital Admissions Is Lunacy, Researcher Says
Could Fish Oil Interfere With Cancer Care?
Could Household Bleach Raise Kids' Risk for Flu, Other Infections?
Digital Compass Attached to Brain Helps Blind Rats 'See'
Excess Weight Early in Life Linked to Colon Cancer Risk in Women
Experimental Melanoma Vaccine Shows Early Promise
HIV Can Damage Brain Early On, Study Says
Health Tip: Freeze Food Safely
Health Tip: Looking for an Exercise Product?
High-Tech Skin Maps Show Chemicals From Clothes, Beauty Products
Home Oxygen Raises Burn Risk for COPD Patients
More People Dying of Heart Disease, Stroke Worldwide: Study
More TV Time May Mean Higher Diabetes Risk, Study Finds
Music Soothes Cats During Surgery
Older Mexican-Americans Often Disabled, Study Says
Packaged Grocery Foods Often High in Salt, Study Finds
Travelers Bringing Drug-Resistant Bacteria to United States


Health Highlights: April 1, 2015
'Exploding Head Syndrome' Surprisingly Common Among Young People
All That Googling May Make People Feel Smarter Than They Are
Early Tests of Experimental Ebola Vaccine Show Promise
Exercise Beneficial Even in Polluted Air: Study
Head Injuries May Prematurely Age the Brain, Study Suggests
Health Tip: Cook Healthier With a Slow Cooker
Health Tip: Heading to the Beach?
Man's Iced Tea Habit May Have Swamped His Kidneys
More Americans Survive Childhood Cancers, But Health Problems Persist
Newer Test for Down Syndrome Called 'Major Advance'
Night Owls Run Higher Risk of Health Problems, Study Finds
One-Quarter of Narcotic Painkillers Misused, Study Shows
Serving in Iraq, Afghanistan Not Behind Rising Suicide Rates in Military: Study
Simpler Antibiotic Regimen Helps Sick Babies in Developing Nations
Study Supports Use of Laparoscopic Surgery for Rectal Cancer
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