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World Health Day 2006 - 7 April 2006

World Health Day in Geneva - Switzerland

Working together for health, challenges and stakes

9:00 – 12:30 - Hôpital Cantonal (HUG), salle "Opéra"

  Media presence
9:00 Welcoming address: Professor Pierre Dayer, Directeur médical, HUG (tbc)
  M. Pierre-François Unger, State Councillor for Health & Economy
  Dr Catherine Legalès-Camus, WHO (presentation of WHR 2006)
  M. Jose Dougan-Beaca, UNHCHR head of Anti-Discrimination Unit
  Message from the Federal Office of Public Health, BERN (tbc)
  Ms. Susan Maybud, Health Services ILO (Convention 149)
  Message from the Association des Medecins de Geneve-AMG (tbc)
  Dr. Jacqueline Weekers, migration & health policy Advisor, IOM
  M. Alan Leather, Public Services International
  International Council of Nurses (ICN)
  M. Andre Laubscher, Director of Nursing (HUG) - (Ethical recruitment issues)
  Dr. Maria Neira, WHO Director PHE/SDE (priorities for action: countries, international institution, civil society) (tbc)
  Professeur Daniel Rainhorn, Institut universitaire d'études du développement, Université de Genève (Public health in Africa, emphasis on Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania)
  HUG speakers:
Prof. Alain Golay (community health, educating patients)
Prof. Antoine Geissbuhler service d'information médicale (RAFT project, Health on the Net Foundation) ("télémédecine")
Dr Louis Loutan or delegate, Commission des affaires humanitaires
  Closing address:
Dr Geneviève Jourdan
Dr. Maria Neira
12:30 Refreshments
Open to the public

Community care and global solidarity

14:30 – 17:30, World Council of Churches Ecumenical Centre-Geneva

14:30 30-minute interactive round tables with many participants (only main speakers listed)
Moderators: Ms. Sylvie Arssener, Journalist(tbc)
Ms.Barbara Stilwell, Coordinator,Performance Improvement & Education
M. Jean Yan, chief scientist, Nursing & Midwifery
Dr. Genevieve Jourdan
Filmed by Sabina von Brodowska Simultaneous Translation- English, French, Spanish

Ethics in the developing world and Central Europe
M. Peter Prove, President of the UN NGO Committee for Human Rights
(Africa, Israel/Palestine)
Ms. Eva Tuca, Social worker and intercultural mediator
Dr/Rev. Eva-Sibylle Vogel-Mfato, (Central Europe Women issues)

  Reproductive health, conflict and displaced persons
Dr Vincent Fauveau, UNFPA
Ms. Lefteri-Leta Hasanaj, social worker and mediator
UNHCR, Africa office, Health advisor
Dr. Agahe Wehrlia, Delegate from FIP
  Youth issues
Ms. Fisher, social worker, maternity ward, HUG
Ms. Nicole Fishter, Director, Centre action sociale et santé
Ms. Emmanuela Fontana, Santé Prévention Jeunes Vaud Schools Consultant
Dr Nicole Pellaud, paediatric specialist, Service Sante Jeunesse (tbc)
  Migrant & Refugee Health Intergenerational Approach-Volunteers
Dr Bruce Esheya Chauvin, head of health dept., IFRC
Dr/Rev. R. Ebner (Latin American migrant workers in Switzerland)
Dr Lorraine Gwanmessa, psychiatrist (health systems in Romania/Africa)
Dr Di Pollina, community health geriatric
  Health and healthcare at the Information Age
Ms.Celia Boyer, Executive Director-Health on the Net Foundation
Dr Manjit Dosanjh, Advisor to the Director General - CERN
M.Silvano de Gennaro, President, Software without Borders (ISF)
  Humanitarian health & NGOs
Dr Rosa Paula Manariyo, Community medicine expert
Dr Thomas Schwarz, Medicus Mundi (tbc)
Delegate from Médecins du monde
17:30 Film: Nurses on the frontlines (23 minutes)
Satellite link statements (c. 30 minutes)
18:30 Intercultural "buffet gourmet"
Open to the public


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