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Health Highlights: May 7, 2006
Gene Screens Promise Nutrition Insights
Give Heartburn the Heave-Ho


Health Highlights: May 6, 2006
Protecting Your Medical Privacy
Sunglasses: A Must Accessory


Health Highlights: May 5, 2006
Clinical Trials Update: May 5, 2006
Colicky Babies Boost Postpartum Depression Risk in Moms
Experts Issue New Stroke-Prevention Guidelines
Gardening: Why Getting Down and Dirty Feels So Good
Health Tip: Soothing a Sore Throat
Health Tip: The Importance of Potassium
Heart Drug Side Effects More Common in Minority Patients
Nurses Give Surgeons Poor Grades on Teamwork in OR
Radiation Dose During Routine Scans Could Be Lowered


Health Highlights: May 4, 2006
Clinical Trials Update: May 4, 2006
Gene Could Play Key Role in Autism
Health Tip: Hives Signal an Allergic Reaction
Health Tip: Warning Signs of a Heart Attack
New 'Bladeless' LASIK Eye Technique Equals Older Method
Parents Hold the Key to Child's Healthy Weight
Scientists Cut Through the Secrets of Fat
Study Explores Anatomy of Dread
Zoloft Helps Diabetics Fight Depression


Health Highlights: May 3, 2006
Cheaper Diuretics Best Bet for Preventing Heart Failure
Clinical Trials Update: May 3, 2006
Gene Linked to Parkinson's Cripples Mitochondria
Health Tip: Prepare Your Child For Her Shots
Health Tip: Tubes May Help Frequent Ear Infections
Neurologic Problems May Boost PTSD Risk
Prostate Cancer Screening May Not Be Needed in Older Men
Some HIV-Positive People Choose Sexual Abstinence
Teens Often Recant 'Virginity Pledges'


Health Highlights: May 2, 2006
ADHD Drugs Can Stunt Growth
Americans Less Healthy Than the British
Clinical Trials Update: May 2, 2006
Don't Think Kids Can Get at Household Guns? Think Again
Health Tip: If Your Blood Pressure is Even a Little High
Health Tip: Living With Psoriasis
More Than 3 Million Stillbirths Per Year Worldwide
Most U.S. Hospital ERs Lack Specialists
Underage Drinking Nets Alcohol Industry Billions


Health Highlights: May 1, 2006
Clinical Trials Update: May 1, 2006
Doctors Misidentify Some Pills on Sight
Health Tip: Choosing a Nursing Home
Health Tip: Managing Crohn's Disease
Infant Safety Devices Underused
Lead Exposure Tied to ADHD Symptoms
More Can Be Done to Help Aggressive Kids
Repeat After Me: Simple Change Cuts Medical Errors
Take Care of Baby Before Conception


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