Table of Contents for HBV Overview

"Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Overview"
Version 3 by Stuart Millinship


1.0 What is Hepatitis
2.0 What is Hepatitis B
2.1 How is Hepatitis B Transmitted
2.2 What happens when infected with Hepatitis B
2.3 How Can I prevent infection
i) Vaccination
ii)After exposure to the virus
3. The hepatitis B virology and immunology
3.1 What is the Hepatitis B Virus.
3.2 How does the virus replicate.
3.3 Hepatitis B Antigens and Markers.
i) Hepatitis B DNA (HBV DNA)
ii)Hepatitis B DNA polymerase. (HBV DNA Polymerase, DNAp)
iii)Hepatitis B Core protein. (HBcAg)
iv) Hepatitis B Surface protein(s). (HBsAg)
v) HBe Protein. (HBeAg or 'e' antigen)
vi) HBx Protein
3.4 How the Human Body Responds to Infection.
i) Antibodies to HBc (HBcAb).
ii) ALT alanine aminotransferase and AST (aspartate aminotransferase).
iii) Interferon.
iv) Antibodies to Be protein (HBeAb)
v) Antibodies to HBs protein (HBsAb)
4. Acute Hepatitis B Infection,
4.1 What happens when Initially infected.
4.2 Symptoms.
4.3 Treatment
4.4 Prognosis
5. Chronic Hepatitis B infection.
5.1 How does chronic Hepatitis B Develop.
5.2 Symptoms
5.3 Treatment
5.4 Prognosis
6. Liver Biopsy
6.1 What is a Liver Biopsy?
6.2 What are the different ways Liver Biopsy can be performed?
6.3 When is a Liver Biopsy used?
6.4 What are the dangers of Liver Biopsy?,
6.5 Are there alternatives to Liver Biopsy?,
6.6 Do Liver Biopsies ever need to be repeated?,
6.7 Biopsy results.,
6.8 Grading of liver biopsies.,
6.9 What do I need to do if I'm having a biopsy.
7. Interferon
7.1 Success Rate
7.2 Recommended course of treatment
7.3 What happens if I decide to take Interferon
7.4 How can I tell if I'm responding ?
7.5 Side effects
7.6 Should I take Interferon
7.7 What if I do not respond to interferon
8. Other treatments
9. Drugs
9.1 Over The Counter (OTC) Drugs
9.2 Recreational drugs
9.3 Complementary medicine
10. Other Hepatitis B Information
10.1 Coinfections with other viruses
10.2 Non "e" Antigen Hepatitis
10.3 Relapse
10.4 Liver Cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma, hepatoma or HCC)
10.5 Living with the Hepatitis B Virus
10.6 Cirrhosis of the Liver
Appendixes - The Liver


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