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A Sad Announcement

Prof. Jean-Claude HealyThis is to announce the premature death of Prof. Jean-Claude Healy, a leading figure in Medical Informatics, a visionary, a free thinker and a humanitarian who tirelessly worked towards a new era of e-Health. He was a true optimist with a zest for life. He will be dearly missed but will continue to live on in all his achievements.

Prof Jean-Claude Healy, PhD MD (University of Paris) was the Professor of Biophysics and Medical Informatics of a range of leading French Universities and Hospitals for 30 years. He joined the EU DG INFSO in 1995 as the head of the Telematics Applications for Health Unit, IST Applications relating to Health and continued in this position until 2004. This was followed by a senior position at the World Health Organization and retirement in November 2007. He published more than 250 scientific publications and additional administrative documents for the eHealth Resolution (WHA 58 28), WHO eHealth action plan and the EU-WHO eHealth report for the World Summit on Information Society.

Prof. Healy is survived by his wife and four children.



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