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Helping HON

The Health On the Net Foundation offers one of the world's best healthcare information portals on the Web. Our mission is to help people get better by guiding them and their care providers to reliable medical information. This global service is free to all users, and it is not-for-profit.

To pursue our work, we rely on both public and private sector donations, research grants, small cash contributions* and specific services in kind (e.g. translation of HON sections into foreign languages, links and networking). If you would like to help us, please send a brief message to We will reply promptly and personally.

Your donations are welcome in the form of cheques or bank transfers.

Please make out a personal cheque, drawn on an accredited bank, in U.S. dollars, Euros or Swiss francs, to:

The Treasurer
Health On the Net Foundation

Bank transfers should be made to:

Health On the Net Foundation
Account number 240-817690.60 X
(please observe the hyphen, period and spacing)
UBS, Champel Branch
Geneva, Switzerland

We will immediately acknowledge receipt of funds.

Note: Donations are subject to the following rules:

Any financial commitment from public or private sector entities to the HON Web site or to a dedicated project under the responsibility of HON, gives him/her no right to influence the content of this Web site. HON is completely independent on all the published material content in the HON's Web site. There is no influence at all from donating parties or partners funding any part of a project or section of the HON Web site. If any such pressure should at any time occur, the partnership agreement with the partner in question will be immediately nullified to safeguard the credibility of this site.

* For an example of how you could help support HON, look at what the Medical Associates Reston (Virginia, U.S.A) are doing.



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