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More than 450 experts attended from all over Europe to discuss new developments in the field of eHealth. The 32 selected finalists of the eEurope Awards for eHealth - 2004, presented their projects and eHealth solutions for exhibition during the conference.

Health administration professionals and citizens reacted very positively to the large number of practical projects that were on display representing the three conference themes.

The conference also provided an excellent opportunity to present the research report: Mapping the Potential of eHealth, Empowering the citizen through eHealth tools and services written by Petra Wilson (EHMA), Christine Leitner (EIPA), and Antoinette Moussalli (independent expert/consultant). The research report gives a brief a history of eHealth, details potential challenges for the future of eHealth, how to meet them, and provides examples of European best practice.

Political representatives attending the conference intended to bring the new policy initiatives that were documented and discussed to the Council of Ministers in order to use the innovative views and ideas as a basis for the further development of European Health policy.

* The Research Report and the Catalogue, presented at the conference are also available for download at the eEurope Awards Documentation section.

You can consult the webcast of the discussions and sessions held during the conference.



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