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Health On the Net celebrates its 20th anniversary
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The Health On the Net Team

Célia Boyer
Executive Director
Celia picture Serving since the inception of HON, Célia Boyer, along with the support of the Council of the Foundation, continues to carry out the work initiated by the late founder, Professor Scherrer, and his co-founders.

Célia Boyer is recognized as an expert in quality assessment of medical information on the Internet and has taken part in several projects and conferences, both European and international.

Célia was the Scientific and Administrative Coordinator for the two-year project of the European Union WRAPIN (World Reliable Online Advice for Patients and Individuals).
She has authored more than 50 original scientific publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals including “Consumer Informatics: Applications and Strategies for Cyber Health Care” which was awarded the Book of the Year award in 2006 by HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) and contributed to the special edition of IJMI (International Newspaper of Medical Informatics).
Her research focuses, at the international level, on the automation of quality detection of health websites, improvement of information search systems for better adaptation to the needs of the public, both patients and health professionals and the social and cultural determinants on the confidence of online health information according to geographic area.
At the national level, she is involved in the development of services and tools to meet the local needs which include and
Further involvements are detection of the accessibility and comprehension (level of complexity) of online health information.
Célia has a degree in Science and Applied Physics from the University of Luminy of Marseilles, France, and an engineering degree from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, Switzerland.


Vincent Baujard
Web Developer
Vincent picture
Vincent is the Senior Web Programmer and the head of the Development Team at HON. He has directed web development carried out at the Foundation for over ten years, and along with the team of the Department of Imagery of the Cantonal Hospital of Geneva, was one of the originators of robot MARVIN, which is to this day used by the Foundation.
Vincent is also responsible for the development of the expert system of the site of the Institute of Preventive and Social Medicine of Geneva.

William Belle
Software developer, specialized Web and information retrieval
William picture
William is a Junior Web Developer working on the various project at HON, and especially on SCAHT and Santéromande web services. In the past, he has been involved in the IT department and hydraulic equipment projects of the Services Industriels de Genève. He has a degree in Computer Engineering from the Ecole d’Ingénieur de Genève.

Mohammed Bourahla, MD
Research Assistant of Online Health Information, Medical Adviser
Mohammed picture
Mohammed studied General Medicine at the Medical faculty of Algiers, following which he worked in the field of research for a few years at the Pierre and Marie Curie Institute of the Mustapha Hospital, Algiers. Then, he worked in a private practice, after which he joined HON.

Violette Bühler
Translator, Research Assistant of Online Health Information
At HON, Violette does translations of the Provisu website and works on the certification process of health websites.

Ljiljana Dolamic
NLP Expert
At HON, Ljiljana uses her expertise in NLP and contributes to developing specialized search engines.

André Ferreira-da-Silva
Research Assistant of Online Health Information, Medical Adviser
Andre picture
André has a Degree in Biology from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. He is a PhD student at the Medical Faculty of the University of Porto and the Medical University of Geneva. He works as a researcher at Institute of Pathology and Immunology at University of Porto - IPATIMUP.

Sylvain Labussière
Senior Web Developer

Mayoni Ranasinghe, MD
Research Assistant of Online Health Information
Mayoni studied Medicine at the Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Nepal. Before coming to Geneva, she worked for over four years in Sri Lanka in various fields, including Paediatrics, Surgery, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Public Health and Epidemiology.

HON Afrique (Bamako, Mali)img

Operating from Bamako, Mali, Team HON Afrique is promoting transparency and trustworthiness of online health information in French-speaking African countries.
Cheikh Oumar Bagayoko, MD
Research Assistant of Online Health Information for HON Afrique
Dr Bagayoko is the head of the EQUI project in Mali and the representative of HON in the French-speaking Africa. He specializes in biomedical and health informatics (Phd in Health Informatics).

Seidou Tidiane Traoré, MD
Research Assistant of Online Health Information for HON Afrique
Seidou graduated from the University of Mali and is also one of the members of REIMICOM.
He is involved in the process of certification of medical sites of HON Africa.


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