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Anthropology, Education, Sociology and Social Phenomena / Education / Education

  24 Aug 25 Aug 2018 20th Global Obesity Meeting Singapore
  30 Aug   2018 What you Need to Know to Prepare FDA Inspection USA
  06 Sep 09 Sep 2018 38th Annual Cardiothoracic Surgery Symposium USA
  07 Sep   2018 Empowering the Latino Immigrant Family as Partners in Education -What you Need to Know USA
  10 Sep   2018 Best Practices for Foundational (Employee) Success 2018 USA
  10 Sep 11 Sep 2018 Compliance for Electronic Records and Signatures (21 CFR Part 11) USA
  11 Sep   2018 Managing and Examining Travel and Entertainment (Expense 2018) USA
  11 Sep   2018 Improving Compliance and your Company's Bottom Line (MedicalDevice Cybersecurity) USA
  12 Sep   2018 Compliance for Risk Based Approaches for (Clinical Trials 2018) USA
  12 Sep   2018 Project Management for Non-Project Managers (2018 Estimating Resource Needs) USA
  14 Sep   2018 Quality Agreements Made Easy (Advanced 2018) USA
  14 Sep   2018 cGMPs in the Quality Control Laboratory (Medical 2018) USA
  20 Sep   2018 FDA continues to enforce through its new 21 CFR Part 11 inspection USA
  25 Sep   2018 Controlling Human Error in the Manufacturing Floor (New 2018) USA
  25 Sep   2018 Assessing and Planning for Risk (Latest 2018) USA
  26 Sep   2018 3-Hour Virtual Seminar on Physician Employment Agreements: Items to Consider USA
  28 Sep   2018 Advanced PowerPoint Tips and Tricks 2018 USA
  01 Oct 02 Oct 2018 3rd ICRTEL 2018 - International Conference on Research in Teaching, Education & Learning, 01-02 Oct, Dubai United Arab Emirates
  02 Oct   2018 Medical Device Hazard Analysis (ISO 14971) USA
  09 Oct   2018 Updated CE Marking Process & ISO 13485:2016 Expectations USA
  09 Oct   2018 Project Management for Non-Project Managers - Building the Project Team USA
  12 Oct   2018 FDA New Draft Guidance on (Software) and Device Changes 510k USA
  17 Oct 20 Oct 2018 44th Annual Conference of the Transcultural Nursing Society USA
  22 Oct   2018 What's Changing for Life Science Product License Holders (BREXIT) USA
  23 Oct   2018 Computer System Validation 2018 Fundamentals USA
  24 Oct   2018 Reducing Training Related Errors (Human Error Trainings) USA
  24 Oct 25 Oct 2018 2018 - 19th International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning (ICTEL) Sri Lanka
  29 Oct   2018 Managing and Controlling the Project - Project Management USA
  03 Dec 05 Dec 2018 4th International Conference on Nursing Education and Research United Arab Emirates

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